Spooky Halloween Ideas You Wouldn’t Believe

Despite the unusual situation we’re all going through, we can always think of some fun to our pandemic times. Hosting Halloween parties with a small number of invitees respecting the social distancing is an option, while thinking of costumes which can replace face masks. The intention is there, but you always run out of ideas as soon as the party […]

24 Things a Couple Should Do Before Marriage

The moment you go on your first serious date, your life changes. In no time, if you’re on the same track, you will find yourself removing the dust off of your childhood wedding book where you gathered with your best friend in your teenage days all your favorite venues, favorite band, best flower, your ceremony dress and the bridesmaids’ dress […]


Women spend quite some time taking care of their beauty, which is an innate “ritual”. They pay attention to the slightest detail in a man. But what about men? Do they really detect discrepancies? Even though they don’t notice the kinky details you wish them to see, let’s not accuse them of being purely short-sighted. There are some beauty mistakes […]


Whether you’re living in a house, townhouse or apartment, your relationship with your neighbor is similar to a serious commitment. You have to put up with each others’ flaws, so not that easy to get out of it. You can either be lucky enough to have good neighbors who take care of you whenever you’re in need and watch over […]

48 Things Men do that Women Just Don’t Get

There are things that men do and don’t expect women to understand, either because women don’t suppose that what men do has a certain meaning or because men never revealed the true message behind it (if there was any). This leads us to believe that both are different alien races that have different communication techniques. The following is generalized. We […]


Are you always feeling hungry? From the moment you wake up till the time you fall asleep? You even crave for food in the middle of the night and can’t resist checking out on your fridge? And the more important is that the craving is always for junk food, sweets, pizza and burgers, never for healthy food. Let’s not blame […]

Do We Really Need to Stop Cursing?

Cursing can be fun (if you’re cursing your manager), but it’s not always appropriate… I bet you know that! We all do! Whether you’re working on your desk, singing in the shower for Eminem, helping the kids with their studies, or maybe being grounded by your parents and not allowed to go to this cool party, you can’t hold yourself […]


DO’S AND DON’TS Few decades ago, online dating was considered a taboo in certain areas of the world.  But due to the numerous available dating apps and matchmaking services, online dating has become the “trend”.  Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t be surprised, you are not the only people interested in online dating.  But there are certainly do’s and don’ts to keep […]


Eh voila!  Great news for you chocolate addicts (and I believe we all are), skip the motto of “the apple a day” and satisfy your body with a daily moderate portion of the cocoa-based delicacy (about an ounce per day). Besides giving you the total feeling of ecstasy when indulging your mouth with a simple bite of dark chocolate (in […]


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