Simply a woman and her blog.

This blog is a lifestyle blog for every girl, every woman, single, married or divorced.

I’m a middle aged working woman, married with 2 kids, always aiming to enjoy life and taste its sweetness.

I’m a woman who’s determined to start a blog to share life hacks, some from my experience, about beauty, career, confidence, money, fitness, health, home, productivity pursuit, body, relationships, and many more.

I’m a woman who is aware of the importance of staying fit but still enjoys french fries and ice cream.

I’m a woman in a relationship, and through experience, knows the pros and cons of it, yet sometimes has trouble getting out of an argument.

I’m a woman who treasures staying on her couch some weekends watching a Netflix series and eating popcorn, although whenever I have the chance, I’d be enjoying nature or savoring a nice drink with good music on a Saturday night. I have to mention that I’m a big fan of the series “FRIENDS” which I’ve watched for more than 10 times so far, it’s so obvious in my posts.

I’m a woman who understands the importance of hitting the gym and working out, or by having a nice walk in Mother nature to stay fit, but still feels how hard it is to do. After my workout, I feel I’m in my bag.

I’m a woman who works 5 days a week, holding on to professionalism, attempting to manage reliability at home – fixing, cleaning, kids, cooking…

I’m just a woman with her blog

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