‘Should I sleep at your place tonight or you prefer to come to mine’ is the conflict every couple in a healthy relationship faces. How to deal with this issue? The first thing that comes to mind is jumping to the next level of the relationship, that is if your relationship is not just a flirt. Is it a big […]

Waiting for the Ring? Here’s How You Get It

Are you impatient to get married more than he is? You’ve been with your guy for a while now. You’re having dreams about when, how and where he’s getting on one knee, but you seem to be missing the “if”. All you have in mind is the white dress. The question is: Will he ever pop the question? To avoid […]

Your Engagement Ceremony Checklist

The engagement party is a celebration for the newly engaged where they formally announce the news. It’s usually simple and sentimental. Some don’t believe in the process of engagement (especially if they are getting married soon) and don’t consider it a necessary “prerequisite” for marriage. They can throw a small party for family and close friends. But if they are […]

22 Signs He’s Not Ready for Marriage

Marriage is every woman’s dream, and who tells you otherwise is most probably hiding the truth. At some point, we all dream of marrying the man of our dreams or the right man for a family, and raise a family of ours. But not all men want to get married (besides a small ratio of women). Some men are either […]

Ridiculously Dumb Things Couples Fight Over

We have all been through that feeling when your blood boils and your face turns to red, your stomach is in knots and bad thoughts circulate your mind. Sometimes I even feel my hair electrified because of rage and anger. It’s ok to feel this way; all couples fight from time to time, it’s a normal process in a relationship. […]

24 Things a Couple Should Do Before Marriage

The moment you go on your first serious date, your life changes. In no time, if you’re on the same track, you will find yourself removing the dust off of your childhood wedding book where you gathered with your best friend in your teenage days all your favorite venues, favorite band, best flower, your ceremony dress and the bridesmaids’ dress […]


On holiday season, your mother invites you over for dinner with the whole family and some of their close friends.  And each year, still a spinster, all you worry about is your family status still unchanged. You arrive to the party, married women around you are either pregnant, or have a big family.  You enjoy being in their company, getting […]


You disregard the weather – Whether it’s rainy, cold, or even hot, you wouldn’t want to risk getting wet and sticky. You arrive late – Sometimes we miscalculate time.   We wouldn’t want to make the guests wait too long and change the whole wedding plan. You arrive too early – You’ll be disrupting the wedding planner’s last minute work. You […]

15 Secret Fears Guys Have Before Marriage

I’ll never have time for myself after marriage Will I still be able to have boys’ night out or poker and beer night?  I still need my space.  You can always have those night outs with your friends as long as you both agree on that, but please eliminate the idea of having ladies with you, the idea might annoy […]

Offensive Things Done at Weddings

You arrive too early or too late to the wedding Arriving too early at a wedding distracts the final touch of the vendors leaving the couple stressed.  On the other hand, arriving late and walking in with the bride is not cool.  You must arrive 10 minutes before the specified time. You don’t show up to the wedding without prior […]


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