Step-by-Step Preparation for Christmas Eve

Before starting the steps, let me tell you about my Christmas this year. Like any other year, my family gathers at my parents’ house, kids and adults, around a large table next to a buffet where food is presented. Before dinner, when the kids were younger, we asked Santa and his elves to join us and entertain us with Christmas […]

84 Things to Do When You’re Bored and Stuck at home

Let me guess! You’re stuck at home, confined, nothing much to do. You finished reading your favorite books, watched your favorite movies on Netflix several times, you’re out of ideas. The moment you open your eyes, you wonder how will your day pass without getting bored. You’re not the only one. We are all glued on our couch each afternoon […]

What to Cook for Christmas!

Traditional Meals from Around the World Christmas is an international holiday celebrated around the world, no argument about that. But Christmas dinners look differently in various countries following their traditional Christmas dishes presented at the Christmas table or else, the holidays wouldn’t be complete. Food is an important part of the season wherever you are celebrating. Women start preparing food […]


Whenever there’s a special event, unfortunately something “has” to go wrong, whether it’s easily repaired, or takes energy and time to fix. Each Christmas, something unusual happens; either the oven doesn’t heat up, or a platter is dropped on the floor by accident, or some of the family members feel hungry before dinner is ready and the nagging begins… and […]

Christmas “Hide and Go Seek” Hunt Riddles

To add some excitement to your Christmas eve and get out of the traditional procedure of “give me my gift I’ll give you yours”, try the “Hide and Seek” gift game before your Christmas dinner, also called as “Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues” (I still don’t understand how did they come up with that name). Each Christmas, gift sharing time takes […]

Spooky Halloween Ideas You Wouldn’t Believe

Despite the unusual situation we’re all going through, we can always think of some fun to our pandemic times. Hosting Halloween parties with a small number of invitees respecting the social distancing is an option, while thinking of costumes which can replace face masks. The intention is there, but you always run out of ideas as soon as the party […]


Whether you’re living in a house, townhouse or apartment, your relationship with your neighbor is similar to a serious commitment. You have to put up with each others’ flaws, so not that easy to get out of it. You can either be lucky enough to have good neighbors who take care of you whenever you’re in need and watch over […]

What If Your Parents Don’t like Your Partner?

You met the man/woman of your dreams and you felt they’re the one.  You take your relationship to the next level and decide to introduce them to your parents.  For some of us, introducing your guy/girl to your parents IS a big deal.  You seek their consent if you’re close to the family or hold respect for them.  In that […]


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