65 Dumbest but Funniest Things We Believed as Kids

Remember all the myths we were told when we were kids and thought it’s true? At the time, it sounded scary, but now that we are grown ups, we find it humorous to believe. From the tree in your belly if you swallow fruit seeds, to small people turning the street lights on and off, these things formed our innocent […]

Are Soulmates Actually Real?

Do you believe there’s a specific person out there waiting for you? It’s true, the concept of waiting for the right person to fill up your life, who’s supposed to be your soulmate, is stressful, but it’s also romantic. The math doesn’t quite work here, but for some of us, including me, every person has a soulmate. We go on […]

Your Sex Drive Based on your Zodiac Sign

Some of us wait for their daily horoscope to start their day, others agree that same signs have same characters (that’s me). It has never been perfect science. If you want my opinion, I don’t believe that Zodiac signs reveal what the future hides for us; no one can predict what will happen tomorrow. But I’m quite sure, following my […]

Boy or Girl? What Do Old Wives’ Tales Reveal?

Are you pregnant? Aren’t you curious to know if it’s a boy or a girl? Grandma wants to know whether to get the blue or the pink cover. Daddy has his eye on the Yankees overall, and aunty is longing to get her first cute dress for her niece. You are all acting snoopy for what you’re expecting. In your […]

Weirdest Superstitions from Around the World

Superstition? What is superstition? who believes in this crazy myth? Believe it or not, we all do. Even if we are not aware of it or deny it, and even if it might be against our beliefs, we still find ourselves knocking on wood to prevent bad things from happening or crossing our fingers for luck. Who doesn’t think of […]


We always hear that this person is a cat person, or that person is a dog person.  Pets say more about your personality than you think. What’s better than the company of a pet who listens to your troubles and nagging till the end, who doesn’t argue with you when you don’t need to get into any argument, who’s always […]


Some of us believe in dreams and some don’t. In my opinion, when we’re desperate, we hold on to our dream, it gives us hope to keep going. If the dream is a nice one, we wish it was real, and if it’s a nightmare, we wake up happy we were asleep. It’s hard to know why you dream.  It […]

11 Old Wives’ Tales That Might Ruin Your Tuft

“A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one. ”    Lycurgus Trim Your Hair, It Will Grow Longer and Faster! Hair stylists advise women to trim their hair if they wish it to grow faster.  Get rid of this inexplicable myth and have patience.  Your hair might get stronger but won’t grow […]


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