Some of us believe in dreams and some don’t. In my opinion, when we’re desperate, we hold on to our dream, it gives us hope to keep going. If the dream is a nice one, we wish it was real, and if it’s a nightmare, we wake up happy we were asleep.

It’s hard to know why you dream.  It might be something occupying your mind, some issue worrying you, or the heavy/spicy dinner you had before your bedtime; our stomach affects our sleep causing nightmares.  Don’t worry, whatever the nightmare is, dreams don’t foretell the future.  There is no specific precision to dreams.  But after a long research, and from what I hear around me, here are definitions of some common dreams.

You’re pregnant: 

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That does not mean you’re a fortune teller and might be pregnant.  

  • Having something growing inside of you, your dream might indicate something positive.
  • Are you still single and ready to mingle?  It might indicate a new relationship. 
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  • You might have an idea or a project in mind and it’s urging you to put it out there.  Don’t let anyone affect you.  Just go for it.
  • You’re approaching a due date.  Did you invite your in-laws to dinner?
  • You might be expanding a relationship.  Do you really want to do that?
  • You might have a desire to get pregnant.  Who doesn’t!

“Enjoy life! There’s plenty of time to be dead”

Hans Christian Andersen

You’re falling from a cliff:

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That doesn’t mean you’re dying, don’t worry.

  • You might be fearful about something.  Did you buy new shoes and hiding it from your husband?
  • You might be feeling out of control.  It’s beyond your power to stop it.
  • You might be feeling insecure and unprotected.  Ask your partner to pamper you to feel more special.
  • You might be feeling overwhelmed but not in the good sense.  I wonder what happened with you to make you feel this way?!
  • Something in your life isn’t going well and you need to change it.  Don’t think twice.  Just change it.
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  • You need to rethink a choice you made… Maybe marriage, or a job you don’t fit in.  Or maybe you accepted a dinner invitation and regretting it.
  • You need to enjoy life more as you might be depressed about something.  Yess yess and a million yesss, enjoy life, you live once!

The truth is that problems won’t just go away!

You lost your voice and can’t shout:

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I’m sure my husband wishes for that every time we fight.

  • It might be sleep paralysis… unfortunately, you need not to ignore it.
  • It might indicate some incident happening in your life which you have no power over… are your kids torturing you at home? Are they not taking you seriously?
  • Your body might be asking you for rest.  Listen to it; you will end up living on analgesics before you know it.
  • If you’re crying without voice, this designates that you might lose friends… I hope not, unless they’re not real ones.
  • You might be feeling lost or powerless, unable to defend yourself.  Well, let’s wish you’ll be holding a wooden spoon in your hand next time to feel more secure.

An empty tank will take you nowhere. Take time to refuel.

You’re naked in public:

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Being naked is sexy, but in public?  Nobody would want to be in your shoes.

  • You feel ashamed or embarrassed about something that you did.  You’re susceptible and exposed.  In that case, you’d better stay home.
  • You’re afraid to reveal something you’re hiding.  I’m curious to know what it is!
  • You feel inferior. No no no, this feeling comes from negative people around you who don’t want to see you happy or are jealous of you.  Just get away from them.
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  • If you’re happy in your dreams that you’re naked, this indicates that you aim to show people your true self… Go girl!
  • If you’re walking naked and feeling shameful, you might be losing money or reputation, or you might suffer some kind of loss.  Quit shopping for a while; you’ll be losing money… and your husband for that.

Never apologize for being yourself

Paolo Coelho

  • Your  teeth are falling out:
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It’s a total nightmare having a nice shiny hair, beautiful eyes, a cute nose… and no teeth!

  • You’re anxious.  There are things which don’t deserve to be anxious about.
  • You’re changing something essential in your life… your mattress?
  • You might lose someone, breakup with your partner, divorce, lose a job, or lose your home.  I’m sorry you read that.  When I wrote it I was saying “don’t want to be in your shoes.”
  • You are under severe stress… who isn’t!
  • You might be jealous of someone.  Being jealous is having low self- esteem.  That depends on who you’re hanging out with. Stay strong, look at the qualities you have that others don’t.
  • You’re worried about someone’s health. We all worry about that.
  • You might be heading towards a big decision.  Think deep before regretting.


You’re being chased:

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It’s a very common dream, whether your attacker is someone you know or not.

I always dream of being chased in my first stages of sleep and I end up jumping from my bed.

  • You’re trying to avoid something in your life (your mother- in- law?) or maybe escaping your own desires or fears; don’t we all have forbidden desires?
  • If a monster is chasing you, this indicates irresponsibility from your part, some kind of debt or an addiction.  Try to pay your bank bonds. Stop smoking!
  • If your chaser is an animal, it shows that you’re hiding your anger or feelings.  It’s not good for your health.  Let it all out!
  • If it’s an unknown person chasing you, it might be that you’re running away from a trauma in your past.  You can get over it with a professional help, very useful.
  • If you’re being chased by an opposite sex, this means you’re afraid from being attached.  But don’t we aim to be chased by the opposite sex?

“Stay strong, make them wonder why you’re still smiling!”

You’re with a deceased person:

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Sometimes you enjoy dreaming of a deceased someone who is dear to your heart.  But I admit, it’s sometimes scary as some say that if the deceased held your hand, it means he’s taking you with them… spooky!

  • Are you depressed?
  • Do you feel guilty about that deceased person?
  • If the deceased person is giving you advice, it’s a sign of change in your life or unpredictable news… Get a pregnancy test.
  • If the deceased person is back to life in your dream, you might restore something you lost like money or a social standing.  Did you watch “Zombie land” before falling asleep?
  • If you’re dreaming of a deceased relative, it might be a warning of trouble. I don’t envy you.
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  • Death of a loved one means you’re lacking a certain quality in them, or that your partner has lost this special place in your life.  Ask him/her to give you more of their time; stick to your guns.
  • Death of a part of your family indicates that you’re passing through a crucial change in your life; are you getting married?  Are you changing jobs?  Are you breaking up with your partner?
  • Death of a child means you need to let go of your childish attitude and act more mature.  You need to realize you’re not a child anymore.
  • It might also mean that you have to accept the fact that your child is mature now.  Kids grow up so fast.

It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember

You’re dead:

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Believe it or not, unlike dying in reality, dying in your dreams in a new start of life.             

It doesn’t mean you’re going to die.  We can’t foresee the future in our dreams (there are always exceptions)

  • Although such a dream gives fear and anxiety, it’s often considered a positive sign
  • You will go through some changes in your life.  Changes are good from time to time.
  • You will let go of a relationship or a job.  Think about it, maybe it’s for your own good.
  • The old you is dying.  The new one will flourish more if you know how to assemble it.

“Change your thoughts and you will change your world”

Norman Vincent Peale

Your partner is cheating:

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As long as you don’t wake up full of hatred and hit your partner the way i do, it might be positive.

  • First of all, let’s agree on one thing: these dreams can rarely indicate that your partner is having pleasure elsewhere
  • If you’re dreaming of a specific person your partner is cheating with, it signifies that this person is taking more time of your partner than they should.  It might trigger your wake up call to get him to give you more of his time.
  • You haven’t forgotten a certain infidelity in your life… I know it’s hard to forget until you find a new someone who makes you abandon the world.
  • You have trust issues with your partner; you doubt his loyalty.  Communication is the master key, be frank with each other, or work out your investigation skills to make sure your doubts are in place.
  •  You might feel that your partner is not giving you the time and attention you need because of his job, friends. Maybe he’s giving more time to your kids and that’s annoying you. Seems you’re the possessive kind.
  • Something needs to be corrected in your relationship.  Talk openly with each other, it’s always healthy.

I got trust issues because people got lying issues

You’re taking a test

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I can’t believe I‘m over this phase of test stress in my life.  To feel it again is a nightmare to me.

  • This dream is related to work challenge – a promotion, a new client, a deadline
  •  You have the need to prove yourself.  Go for it, don’t let anyone discourage you.
  • Someone in real life is testing your patience and that is annoying you… back to your mother-in-law?!
  • Again, maybe you’re worried about the dinner you have to prepare for your in-laws
  • You’re scared of failure, so you feel stressful
  • If you failed the exam, unprepared or late for it, this indicates that you don’t feel ready to face the challenge.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try

Sexual dreams

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We all have sexual dreams especially with people we never think of in real life.  You wake up saying “what the heck!”  Or spend your day dreaming about this”Lady Magnet”.  Well, I don’t want to disappoint you, but it’s rarely about sex.

  • It indicates a psychological union with the person more than a physical one
  • You wish you have a certain characteristic this person has.
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  • Sex with your boss or a co-worker: 
  • you long to have this office power (don’t worry, it’s a very normal dream, but don’t even think about it)
  • Sex with someone you hate:   Since you hate that person, this gives you the feeling of power and domination.  Don’t know if we call this BDSM.
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  • Sex with a celebrity:  We admire that celebrity, and since he/she is out of reach, being with them boosts our ego for getting anyone we want.  I can say this is what we call a dream because it’s only in your dreams.
  • Sex about an Ex:  following your past with that person, these dreams can be complicated as it reveal unsettled emotions. Do you still have feelings for them?
  • Sex with a platonic friend:   maybe you’re attracted to that friend and trying to deny it.  Rumor has it that since it’s forbidden, you dream about it.  Don’t worry it’s a common thing.
  • Sex with your partner:  Although it’s not common, dreaming of your partner can occur if your relationship is still new or if you’re separated.   
  • Sex in public places:  Well, these dreams reveal the kinky thoughts you refuse to admit you have and haven’t explored yet. 

Sometimes we need fantasy to survive reality

You’re being stabbed

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These dreams also occur in the first stages of sleep.  I always wake up scared and annoyed, but when I go back to sleep, I forget all about it.

  • You feel tense and frustrated.  You probably need a vacation.
  • You experienced something scary or violent. You also need a vacation.
  • You feel underestimated at work or among your family.  Get your grips together and talk it out.
  • You feel someone unexpectedly betrayed you.  Choose the right person you can reveal your ideas and feelings to.
  • You feel deceived by a competitor.  Competitors are there to deceive you, remember that.
  • You feel embarrassed or hurt because you didn’t get what you aimed for. Don’t give up, keep on trying as long as you can.
  • Someone is trying to revenge for something you did, maybe out of jealousy. Watch out for the closest people around you.  They are the most to hurt you.

“It is not a shame to be deceived; but it is to stay in the deception”


Your car was stolen

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This is a common dream to me.  Maybe I’m having this dream since I know I can’t buy a new one anytime soon so I hold on to it.  But that doesn’t mean that the dream will come true.

  • The car signifies ambition (ambition in life, in your career, at home)
  • You feel indifferent, losing your own identity.  Take some time to rethink of who you are.
  • You lack confidence.  This is the worst.  We all feel this at some stage of our life.
  • You lost motivation in something you were excited about (job, relationship)
  • Maybe your kids are not abiding by any of your rules at home.

You’re in the toilet

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One wise advice:  just don’t let go of yourself if you see the toilet seat in your dream.

Who doesn’t build hopes on dreams?


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