‘Should I sleep at your place tonight or you prefer to come to mine’ is the conflict every couple in a healthy relationship faces. How to deal with this issue? The first thing that comes to mind is jumping to the next level of the relationship, that is if your relationship is not just a flirt. Is it a big […]

Step-by-Step Preparation for Christmas Eve

Before starting the steps, let me tell you about my Christmas this year. Like any other year, my family gathers at my parents’ house, kids and adults, around a large table next to a buffet where food is presented. Before dinner, when the kids were younger, we asked Santa and his elves to join us and entertain us with Christmas […]

15 Things a Woman First Notices in a Man

You’re sitting at a cafe sipping your coffee or enjoying a smooth drink in a bar, you unwillingly cross eyes with a woman among the crowd; she’s staring at you! Your head spins, you try to observe her closely; is it really you she’s looking at? you turn around to see if there’s someone else standing behind you, maybe she’s […]

71 Things Men Unintentionally Do That Are Hot AF

Guys, don’t you ever wonder how and why women get attracted to you? First thing you need to know if that men who don’t put an effort to impress women look a lot hotter for acting unintentionally. And when this happens… we melt! We try to turn our head away and avoid eye contact to avoid the fantasies running in […]

21 Things Women Are Shy to Do in Public

Sometimes women find themselves in an awkward situation in public which rends them uncomfortable. My interest is specifically in women for the simple reason that they are usually more criticized by both men and women when they unintentionally get themselves into embarrassing situations in public. Why from both sexes? Let’s face it, women are usually jealous from other women, and […]

You Think You Know Much About Sex?

Whether you’re a wandering Casanova in the streets or a flirty hot number on linen, do you really think you know everything about sex? As broad as your knowledge can be, you will be shocked to know about some interesting facts and myths which might still be unrevealed to you. As much as sex is a natural happening, and as […]

Waiting for the Ring? Here’s How You Get It

Are you impatient to get married more than he is? You’ve been with your guy for a while now. You’re having dreams about when, how and where he’s getting on one knee, but you seem to be missing the “if”. All you have in mind is the white dress. The question is: Will he ever pop the question? To avoid […]

65 Dumbest but Funniest Things We Believed as Kids

Remember all the myths we were told when we were kids and thought it’s true? At the time, it sounded scary, but now that we are grown ups, we find it humorous to believe. From the tree in your belly if you swallow fruit seeds, to small people turning the street lights on and off, these things formed our innocent […]

Shhh! 34 Secrets Women Keep From Men

Women, like men, never reveal everything. It’s a complex mechanism. Whether you find it silly or rational, women tend to be secretive about their bodies, their past lives, their free time, even their culpable pleasures. Why do we do it? Well, we find some of it useless to be discussed, or we prefer not to mention it because men might […]

Not in The Mood For Sex? Are You Looking For a Way Out?

It takes two to make it happen! Do you want to talk blatantly? Are you open to this critical subject? Emotions in a relationship are essential, but seriously? A relationship without sex? I doubt it can last unless both are faking their platonic happiness and convincing themselves that they can go on without intimate interaction. The frequency of sex between […]

Have You Ever Wondered How to Make a Man Fall For You?

Ok, I bet you’re thinking … traditionally, I shouldn’t be the one doing the effort to win his heart, he should be working on it more than me. Over the years, I always wondered how to get someone’s attention without being blunt. What kind of women men look for? I wasn’t sure if I was a girlfriend material, especially after […]

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