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Have You Ever Wondered How to Make a Man Fall For You?

Have You Ever Wondered How to Make a Man Fall For You?

Ok, I bet you’re thinking … traditionally, I shouldn’t be the one doing the effort to win his heart, he should be working on it more than me.

Over the years, I always wondered how to get someone’s attention without being blunt. What kind of women men look for? I wasn’t sure if I was a girlfriend material, especially after several failed short term relationships.

Are you worried you won’t get the chance to have a long relationship and maybe start a family of your own? Don’t worry, most of us have these concerns, especially during the early days of our lives after bad relationship experiences.

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As soon as you understand how men work and what type of women they seek, you will enjoy having them in your life. But wait, we don’t want someone obsessing over us as in ‘obsession’! By that, I mean having someone thriving to keep you. I myself don’t want someone following me around everywhere I go, calling me fifty times a day to check on me (well, frankly, I like it, but moderately). I want a man who pampers me, blows me away, love me indefinitely, and be around whenever I need him… Every woman’s dream.

Remember, here I am talking about quality men. Characters differs for men and women. Here is a general view.

How to make him fall in love with you and maybe “obsess” about you?

1. Be Caring

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Men love their woman to be kind and care about their likes and dislikes. Women are great listeners, and men consider this to be part of looking after them. By caring, I don’t mean the motherly caring, like “eat healthy, don’t forget your daily apple” or “brush your teeth and go to bed early.” No no no, forget about that part. You might get to that after fifteen years of marriage. Even if he’s emotionally unavailable, listen to his fears, react with his worries, you will bring out his emotional and sensitive side. Not only with him, be kind and friendly with his family and friends too. Once you do that, you will trap him in your net.

2. Be Confident, Be Unreachable

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There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman. As much as women find men irresistible with their strong self confidence, men who consider themselves tough will fall for a strong and confident woman, and will find themselves dreaming of her without even realizing it. Show them how secure you are about yourself, live your life to the fullest, have your own circle of friends, your own social network. Men love women who are comfortable in their own skin, when they enter a room, heads turn… men love your high value, it’s your power.

When a man feels he’s after an unreachable woman, this gives him a sense of power. You chose HIM to be with, this fills the heart of your man with warmth knowing he won the competition. This confidence of yours give him the privilege of being with you. So whenever you feel down, don’t you open up about it, at least not before you’re sure he’s totally yours.

3. Have a Sexy Femininity

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What could attract a man more than having a sexy feminine woman beside him; I don’t only mean wearing sexy, I mean acting like one. These days, femininity is differently misinterpreted. Your femininity is your sexual power, your sexy chique looks that captures hearts. It’s all about the way you sit, you walk, talk, look, being seductively and charmingly beautiful. Discrete flirting is alluring. With your sexy femininity, you can freeze time. Don’t forget, a sense of humor is part of being sexy.

Being intelligent is another attractive characteristic which dangles your man, unless he has some kind of a complex and prefers a weak and simple minded woman to feel he’s in control.

4. Make him Feel a Hero

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Men have different characters. What I’m talking about here are “real men” with high testosterone. Wow, it’s so attractive to feel protected by your man, having a powerful one by your side. To trigger his hero instinct, he needs you to trust him. Show him you depend on his protection in some situations, I don’t mean you should be weak, don’t get me wrong. Men love to be your hero, (according to legends).

They like to feel they are their woman’s shield, step up to her whenever she’s in need. Who can argue biology! You do want to be with a man who feels like one, right?

5. Be Adventurous, Be Fun

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Who doesn’t like a fun company? Who likes to live in a boring routine relationship? Most men love the excitement, they love trying new things. You don’t have to throw yourself from a plane or climb the highest mountain. You can just add some spice to any situation. Show them you are open to try new things, it will add some zest to the relationship. They won’t have time to fall in the hole of emptiness where they feel they need more than just you. Try to come up with new ideas for a nice getaway from time to time, have a nice plan every weekend, it can be at home, a nice barbecue in the backyard, or a nice dinner with a movie on your favorite couch (a movie you both like, not one of your chick flick movies my friend).

And by the way, being funny is not just throwing jokes here and there. Show him that you know how to enjoy your time in your own way, mingle with his group of friends in no time, be a fun one among them. Don’t joke about anything, and laugh about every word they say, let’s not mention how bad you will look! Excuse my language, but nobody enjoys being around a joker. And please, leave your irony to yourself if you want him to get attached to you; no man would like to see you making fun of everything around. On the other hand, tease him with your sense of humor, be playful with witty messages, let him use his brain to interpret your words, he will love it (unless you like men with limited brains).

6. Don’t NAG

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Ah Nagging! They say nagging is the salt of women and that we are biology created to nag. That’s NOT true! It’s a rumor haunting us forever and ever. So, to make him fall for you, try to prove this theory wrong. You want to do things your way? Do it without badgering. You can do that later (after the mouse is in the trap hehe). And by the way, men also nag.

7. Be the Mysterious Woman

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Men don’t like it the easy way. Don’t be an open book. Who doesn’t like challenge. Who doesn’t pursue a mystery? Intrigue them with your secrets. I know it’s not easy to live with a mask on, but it’s worth it. Let him worry about how to please you. Be enigmatic to him, be the woman with little words. I don’t mean you should be rude at any time or lie to him. A sexy witty smile would do the trick. You know, mysterious women are also interesting to women too, each one of us tend to be one in her own way.

8. Have your own life

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Having your circles of friends to hang out with is something that interest men for one reason: first, you won’t be a drama queen and clingy when you are busy with your own clique that you don’t call him every half an hour to check on him, or get mad if he’s 5 minutes late for home.

Having your own goals and dreams is another issue that men like. Imagine having a life that spins around ONLY him. That would give him the feeling of burden, a big responsibility to handle, and he might loose respect for you when you put that heavy weight on him. We are talking about quality men, don’t forget.

Have your own routine, your own daily plans. Don’t build your schedule on him all the time. Let him wonder if you’re free whenever he feels like being with you (at least in the beginning of your relationship). This will make him thrive for you more. Avoid throwing all the responsibilities on him, be your own master… except in bed maybe? (wink). He feels free, at the same time, worries about YOU for not having much time for him. That would unleash the curious beast in him, and when it does… I mean wow! You will feel so important, especially when you sense how deep he’s falling for you.

The crazy stuff you do with your friends… you can’t just do with your boyfriend. Have your own friends… you won’t always need to depend on him to have fun.

Good Luck ladies! You can do it! Whenever we have the will, we always find the way.

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