Having trouble sleeping?

Are Old Wives’ Tales actually true? If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the people who are having trouble sleeping at night. You might have tried different remedies like counting sheep or drinking warm milk, and read various articles to get tips for a better sleep. To get rid of all the tossing and turning in bed, there are […]


Are you always feeling hungry? From the moment you wake up till the time you fall asleep? You even crave for food in the middle of the night and can’t resist checking out on your fridge? And the more important is that the craving is always for junk food, sweets, pizza and burgers, never for healthy food. Let’s not blame […]


Eh voila!  Great news for you chocolate addicts (and I believe we all are), skip the motto of “the apple a day” and satisfy your body with a daily moderate portion of the cocoa-based delicacy (about an ounce per day). Besides giving you the total feeling of ecstasy when indulging your mouth with a simple bite of dark chocolate (in […]

Why Are We Always Tired?

Have you ever wondered why you’re always waking up tired, drained to work, weak to walk, struggling to exercise, and knackered to go out, although you are going to bed early?  I’m sure you did; we all did. Every time I mention in front of my friends that I’m always zapped, they either say it’s because of the change of […]

Why Should You Be Satisfied with Your Body?

We’ve all been through the obsession of dieting at some point in our life.  We’ve all dreamed to have hot bodies like those perfect pictures we see on social media.  If one diet isn’t the solution for loosing few kilos, we keep on trying one diet after the other till we depress when the number on our scale fails us. […]

11 Old Wives’ Tales That Might Ruin Your Tuft

“A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one. ”    Lycurgus Trim Your Hair, It Will Grow Longer and Faster! Hair stylists advise women to trim their hair if they wish it to grow faster.  Get rid of this inexplicable myth and have patience.  Your hair might get stronger but won’t grow […]

Do You Think You Know the Type of Your Skin?

” You’re never too old to become younger.”     Mae West I always admired shiny and well treated skin on other women, and I knew this didn’t come with no effort.  I often thought that such a flawless skin needed loads of care and time. Before learning the consequences of facial skin products, I whined about putting on my morning creams, […]


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