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Why Are We Always Tired?

Why Are We Always Tired?

Have you ever wondered why you’re always waking up tired, drained to work, weak to walk, struggling to exercise, and knackered to go out, although you are going to bed early? 

I’m sure you did; we all did. Every time I mention in front of my friends that I’m always zapped, they either say it’s because of the change of weather or due to excessive stress. We blame it all on the weather and stress these days. But frankly, I’m freaking out “hitting the wall” for the fact that I’m normally an energetic woman. 

When you feel fatigue, your body is crying out for you.  But what if you can’t help it and there’s nothing you can do about it because you are not aware of the reasons?

Wait! before you go running to the doctor with 100 syndromes after your search into medical websites, take these probable causes into consideration:

  • You’re a potato on your desk or on your sofa – sitting for more than 3 hours in the same place.
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  • You are not getting enough sleep – no quality sleep
  • You are barely breathing – it is most probably “Sleep Apnea
  • You’re not being well hydrated – around 3 liters of liquid are mandatory
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  • Your blood sugar is low – or you might have diabetes
  • lack of quality sleep – insomnia – Too many noises and lights, or your kids are not giving you the chance to hit the sack.
  • You’re low on exercise or overdoing it – moderate your workouts.
  • Deficiency in nutritious supplements – your iron (anemia) and magnesium may be low
  • Too much alcoholyou can be bolloxed, but better do it moderately.

  • Junk food addiction – aren’t you eating enough healthy? Busted!
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  • You have allergies – this causes inflammation in the body, thus fatigue
  • Lifestyle – you’re not considering the needs of your body
  • Your stress levels are high – you must be in a bad mood and your brain is working all the time
  • Medications you are taking – some medications cause lassitude.
  • Hormones – if your hormones are low, your Gyno is your solution.

“I am so tired, even my tiredness is tired”


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  • Snack well. Consume healthy and rich food which we call real
  • Have a walk in nature, with your nice outfit and cute sports shoes
  • Sleep early, around 10.30 P.M.
  • Give 10 minutes for your eyes to relax if you’re focusing on the screen all day
  • Hydrate – not less than 3 liters of liquids per day
  • Meditate – empty your brain 30 minutes a day
  • Ignore bread and pastry – forget about your favorite pizza and croissant
  • Pay a visit to the gym next to your building
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  • Listen to loud wild music; “We will rock you” is a perfect match
  • Outline your stress, ignore these annoying people buzzing around you
  • Add more meat and poultry into your diet – easy-peasy
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  • Have some energy drinks (I’m just kidding).  Coffee is great.
  • Add Omega 3S in your diet, eat avocado, take fish oil pills.

If your blood test is normal, then YOU are the problem.  You should blame yourself for the lifestyle you are running.  Get up, do something if you are really concerned about always being tired and looking for a way to fix it. 

The solution is easy: More activity, less alcohol, better diet routine, better sleep, and above all, more of “I-don’t-give-a-shit”.

Any suggestions for energy boost?

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