65 Dumbest but Funniest Things We Believed as Kids

Remember all the myths we were told when we were kids and thought it’s true? At the time, it sounded scary, but now that we are grown ups, we find it humorous to believe. From the tree in your belly if you swallow fruit seeds, to small people turning the street lights on and off, these things formed our innocent […]

84 Things to Do When You’re Bored and Stuck at home

Let me guess! You’re stuck at home, confined, nothing much to do. You finished reading your favorite books, watched your favorite movies on Netflix several times, you’re out of ideas. The moment you open your eyes, you wonder how will your day pass without getting bored. You’re not the only one. We are all glued on our couch each afternoon […]

Annoying Things Parents Say to their Children

“Clean your room, wash your plate, don’t stay up late”… are statements you hear at home almost everyday and drive you insane. Regardless of age, whether your parents are young and cool or traditional, we always have issues with them. It’s normal to have different points of view with the people who brought us to life, whether we live under […]

Boy or Girl? What Do Old Wives’ Tales Reveal?

Are you pregnant? Aren’t you curious to know if it’s a boy or a girl? Grandma wants to know whether to get the blue or the pink cover. Daddy has his eye on the Yankees overall, and aunty is longing to get her first cute dress for her niece. You are all acting snoopy for what you’re expecting. In your […]

Do We Really Need to Stop Cursing?

Cursing can be fun (if you’re cursing your manager), but it’s not always appropriate… I bet you know that! We all do! Whether you’re working on your desk, singing in the shower for Eminem, helping the kids with their studies, or maybe being grounded by your parents and not allowed to go to this cool party, you can’t hold yourself […]

What If Your Parents Don’t like Your Partner?

You met the man/woman of your dreams and you felt they’re the one.  You take your relationship to the next level and decide to introduce them to your parents.  For some of us, introducing your guy/girl to your parents IS a big deal.  You seek their consent if you’re close to the family or hold respect for them.  In that […]


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