Having trouble sleeping?

Are Old Wives’ Tales actually true? If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the people who are having trouble sleeping at night. You might have tried different remedies like counting sheep or drinking warm milk, and read various articles to get tips for a better sleep. To get rid of all the tossing and turning in bed, there are […]

What a Woman’s Shoes Say About Her

You are what comes from your mouth, but the shoes speak louder than words. The choice of footwear says a lot about you, way more than you think! Your shoes reveal the first impression of your personality from the style you choose, the color you pick, and the trends you follow. You don’t believe me? Check out these indications and […]


Women spend quite some time taking care of their beauty, which is an innate “ritual”. They pay attention to the slightest detail in a man. But what about men? Do they really detect discrepancies? Even though they don’t notice the kinky details you wish them to see, let’s not accuse them of being purely short-sighted. There are some beauty mistakes […]

6 Common Cuddling Positions – Are You Still Connected?

1. The Spoon How it’s done:  You both lie close to each other on the same side and wrap your arms around your partner. What it says:  Spooning is the perfect cuddling position if you’re comfortable with intimacy and looking for protection and safety.  You’re tremendously close to each other and super nestled, your bodies are combined together as one.  […]

Why Should You Be Satisfied with Your Body?

We’ve all been through the obsession of dieting at some point in our life.  We’ve all dreamed to have hot bodies like those perfect pictures we see on social media.  If one diet isn’t the solution for loosing few kilos, we keep on trying one diet after the other till we depress when the number on our scale fails us. […]

Do You Think You Know the Type of Your Skin?

” You’re never too old to become younger.”     Mae West I always admired shiny and well treated skin on other women, and I knew this didn’t come with no effort.  I often thought that such a flawless skin needed loads of care and time. Before learning the consequences of facial skin products, I whined about putting on my morning creams, […]


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