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What a Woman’s Shoes Say About Her

What a Woman’s Shoes Say About Her

You are what comes from your mouth, but the shoes speak louder than words.

The choice of footwear says a lot about you, way more than you think! Your shoes reveal the first impression of your personality from the style you choose, the color you pick, and the trends you follow. You don’t believe me? Check out these indications and apply it on someone you know. You will see how important it is to choose your shoe wardrobe wisely:

1- Stilettos and Pumps: “I am the boss”

– You are competitive, determined. People have to keep up with you.

– You are well aware of your feminine side; you appreciate beauty and style.

– You are a big shot at work, self-confident, and aim for leadership roles.

– Willing and open to all possibilities.

– “Look at me” is the message you transmit when passing by, you invest a lot on your appearance

– You can be materialistic, but you have excellent taste

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot” – Marilyn Monroe

2- Flats: “There’s more to life than heels”

– You work hard behind the scenes keeping things running

– Humble, you don’t aim for attention or appreciation for your hard work

– Modest, generous, and focused

3- Sneakers: “Age is just a number”

– You have a flexible character and an open personality

– Ready to experience versatile ideas and options

– Energetic and youthful

– You are the entity of the party, you get along with all ages

– Hard-working and very focused

“If loving shoes is a crime … I’m looking at life without parole” – Brian Atwood

4- Wedges: “You can’t ignore my presence”

– You are self-confident, your personality is definitely a strong one

– Wherever you go, people are driven into your stylish, alluring and comfy company

– You are an outgoing and friendly individual

5- Loafers: “What you see is what you get”

– You give your all to everything

– You are the meticulous kind, devoted and totally responsible

– You don’t give up until you complete your task with perfection

– You are driven by details, it’s your thing

– You are a real friend, a true employee

6- Running Shoes: “Hello healthy lifestyle”

– Because running shoes are comfortable, you are a person who cares about her comfort

– You are a multitasker, you want to be everywhere anytime

– Goal oriented, you enjoy tough challenges

– You are confident and well organized

– Being constantly active, you are a fitness lover and savors a healthy life

7- Flip-Flops: “Chill! Go with the flow”

– You go wherever life takes you… and you are happy about it

– Spontaneous, you follow your heart … and pleasure

– You are definitely the kind of fun person people want to be around

– Easygoing, you don’t plan ahead, you’re ready for anything

– Your motto is: “Who needs to follow rules”

8- Knee-High Boots: “Aiming for an Edward Lewis (Pretty Woman style)”

– You focus on being flirty and sexy

– You seek attention

– With a short skirt, you are definitely searching for Mr. Lewis somewhere, spreading your flirty message to him through your boots loud and clear

– You are powerful … and dominant!

As for colors and trends, this is what men think of women who wear the following shoes:

Low Heels:

You’re serious at work, but you prefer during weekends to slip into a pair of jeans and a T shirt

A woman with good shoes is never ugly” – Coco Chanel

Bright-colored shoes:

Notice me, I’m the first person on the dance floor – you’re clearly an extrovert

The animal printed shoes/boots:

You’re daring, exotic, confident, you take your “vodka martini dirty”. You crave attention

Fur shoes/boots:

You’re eccentric, you talk business

The multiple tone shoe:

Are you naughty or nice? you’re confusing, but one thing for sure, you’re classical and have too much to offer

The ankle boots:

you have an aggressive personality

A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes” – Christian Louboutin

Expensive shoes:

You’re an expensive dégustateur who enjoys showing her wealth in her shoes

Socks with pumps:

Confused and eccentric… Woman, you have an identity crisis!

Cowboy boots:

You pretend to be this someone, but secretly you’re someone else

You surely own one pair of shoes from each of these styles, but your favorite is your personality definer. Remember, we women love to change shoe types and wear our shoes following our daily mood from the moment we wake up.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

Do the shoes make the woman or is it the other way round? At the end of the day, “BE IN YOUR SHOES”!

I’m the high-heel type of person. Let me know your favorite kind of shoes. Which type are you?

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