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What Do These 15 Types of Kisses Actually Mean

What Do These 15 Types of Kisses Actually Mean

Kissing, who doesn’t like kissing? Who doesn’t enjoy being kissed?

A kiss can be an act of sensuality, a sign of lust and desire, a friendly gesture, a family tradition, and many more. Knowing the meaning of a kiss on different places of the body gives you an idea about the intentions of the person who’s kissing you, whether it was your partner, your friend, or maybe your boss.

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“Feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime”

Here’s what you should know about the kiss in different places of the body:

1- A kiss on the forehead: I care, you are under my protection.

This kind of kiss indicates care, affection, dedication, and protection. You can receive it from your partner who loves you, your father who cares about you and is so protective, or you can be kissing your kids on their forehead as a sign of affection. It’s a goodbye as well as a good luck kiss; therefore, you can experience it with a friend too. So consider it weird if someone you don’t consider “close” kisses you on the forehead.

2- A Kiss on the cheek: Can we get to know each other more?

This is a means of greeting. It can be among friends, family or acquaintances. It can be formal or casual. It differs from one country to another; some people kiss once, others kiss twice or three times on both cheeks. If a stranger does it, he wants to get to know you better. But if your boyfriend kisses you on the cheek, say bye-bye to your relationship.

3- A kiss on the neck: I want to explore you more.

This is an intimate kiss which only your partner shares with you; the neck is a very sensitive part of the body especially for a woman; The sensation is arousing. It is only between couples who share a deep relationship. If he kisses you on the neck, you have to know that he is longing for you. So ladies, it is unusual for a friend to kiss you on the neck. If you don’t have secret feelings for the guy, ignore his message and move on.

4- A kiss on the nose: You’re sweet!

This kiss happens between couples or a parent and his child. It’s an act of cuddling, showing love and care. It’s not a common kiss, but they might want to tell you how cute you are by kissing you on the nose. I personally wouldn’t like it.

5- A kiss on the hand: I respect you… and yes, I’m flirting!

Also known as the royal kiss, it’s a sign of greeting and respect, but some see it as an act of “womanizing“. Men kiss a lady’s hand to tell her she’s lovely and that they admire her with respect. So if you get your hand kissed by a man you just met, don’t panic! It’s something normal between strangers.

6- Kiss the hair: I need to feel you in any way possible.

If a guy kisses your hair, he’ll be grabbing every opportunity to sniff you, yes, smell you. This might irritate some women and scare them off especially if they have no feelings for the guy. Just chill! He’s definitely into you, he’s emotionally attached. I personally find it charming.

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7- A kiss on the head: You are a darling.

This kind of kiss is usually given to toddlers because they are so cute. Your partner can give you a kiss on your head if you’ve been in a long relationship with him; it shows tenderness and peace of mind.

8- A peck kiss: I’m comfortable around you.

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This is the fastest kiss your lips can receive. It means I like you if you’re friends, and I feel relaxed with you if you’re a couple.

9- A Single-lip kiss: You’re hot.

It’s mainly for couples. That’s one sensual kiss to show one’s desire to the other. It’s usually done during foreplay.

10- A kiss on the finger: I enjoy every single part of you.

It signifies love between couples, and care between friends. But I doubt someone can kiss his/her friend’s fingers if there were no feelings of affection. You must be so special to that person to kiss your fingers; They are telling you that each part of you is even better than the last.

11- A kiss on the earlobe: I want you.

We all know what effect the ear has to our emotions. As if there’s some kind of link between the ear and the lower part of the body. If you don’t know yet that the ear is an erogenous zone, then here, you have it now. It’s one of the most romantic kisses, soft and light. So if you don’t have deep feelings for your partner, just hope he won’t try this with you; you will end up using your karate techniques on him.

12- A kiss on the jaw: I admire your face, I’m playing around.

Gentle and extremely sensual. You must be deeply in love with your partner and so close to each other to feel like kissing him on the jaw. You’re being playful, are you looking for some action? Try it and let me know how it feels.

13- The Eskimo kiss: I find you cute, you make me happy.

When two noses rub against each other back and forth. Since there’s no lip touching, it’s common between a parent and their child as a sign of affection. It can also be a romantic and intimate gesture between couples but not a sexual attempt; it’s enough to be that close to someone, staring in each others’ eyes to realize how dear they are to you.

14- A kiss on the shoulder: I’m there for you.

He’s asking you to trust him, he has your back. It’s between couples in love and strongly bonded. Guys, if you are not up to your gesture, then don’t kiss your partner on her shoulder and send her the wrong message.

15- A French kiss: I’m comfortable with you. Show me how you feel.

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Saving the best for last; we’ve all been there. Doesn’t need further explanation. And if you haven’t tried it yet, don’t you skip it. Couples enjoy French kissing as it fires up their emotions towards each other. You can’t French kiss and say goodnight or turn your back and leave. Action must come afterwards or else… Good luck with the frustration!

A kiss says it all! Read the kiss to know the real feelings behind it, whether it’s coming from your partner, your friend, a family member, or any acquaintance. For me, the kiss is the most important part of the relationship, and believe me, it IS. The kiss won’t lie!

“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back”

If you know any other types of common kisses, please do let me know in your comments.

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