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6 Common Cuddling Positions – Are You Still Connected?

6 Common Cuddling Positions – Are You Still Connected?

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1. The Spoon

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How it’s done:  You both lie close to each other on the same side and wrap your arms around your partner.

What it saysSpooning is the perfect cuddling position if you’re comfortable with intimacy and looking for protection and safety.  You’re tremendously close to each other and super nestled, your bodies are combined together as one.  It gives you the feeling of safety yet not trapped as your other side is free.  Spooning is a traditional sleeping position, but we all know it can also be erotic.

2. The Sweetheart Spoon

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How it’s done:  while your partner lies on their back, you lay your head on their chest with their arms wrapped around you. 

What it says:  If you’re annoyed and feel sweaty and hot in total spooning, or if you’re claustrophobic, the half spoon gives you more freedom and space.  You’re close to your partner which makes you feel high and frizzy.  The person who’s spooning feels safe and secure while the other being spooned feels protective, powerful, confident, and assuring to their partner, especially when the other had a bad day.

It’s good if one wants to watch television or surf their phone when the other is looking to sleep.   What’s certain is that you can’t spend the whole night half spooning as the one laying on his back will wake up with a terrible back pain. 

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3. The butt to butt/back to back

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How it’s done: you both lie on one side but opposite directions, butts and lower backs against each other.  Your knees are usually bent.

What it says:  your freedom is precious and sleep is your priority, but you like maintaining connection with your partner. It’s as if you’re telling your partner: “I’m still here and I still love you and want to warmly support you, here is my bottom which is the best sexual way to prove it for the time being, but I want to fall asleep peacefully.  This position provides respect to both sleepers but respects their comfort zone. But it might also indicate that there are conflicts between you two.

 4. The Honeymoon Knot

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How it’s done:  Like spooning, you lay on your sides face to face with your limbs entangled.

What it says:  Oh L’amour!  You can’t get enough of your partner and can’t bear to be away from him for one second.  It’s the most intimate position, falling asleep and waking up hugging each other romantically, although in the morning, I don’t see much of that when you feel the breath!  Since you’re lying in a knot, you can’t fall asleep that way for long. 

This position balances between intimacy and independence.  Usually, couples who are in their honeymoon stage prefer this position although it’s not too common. However, after few months, you won’t experience much of this position unless you’re too dependent on each other or share everything together … that doesn’t sound promising.

5. The Leg criss-cross

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How it’s done:   It’s also called the Leg Hug.  You put one leg on your partner’s leg while both are sleeping on your sides or your backs.

What it says:  Your sleep is priority and both of you need their own space, but you still crave for physical contact. Your leg is usually the first limb to search for connection and reassurance.  If you’re both interlaced, this means you’re both passionate and sexually emotional towards each other. Your love for each other is similar. Intertwined legs are relative to hugs. 

If you had a fight before leg criss-crossing, this might mean that despite the heated sentiments, you’re still trying to carry on the connection.

6. The Stomach Squeeze

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How it’s done:  you both lie on your stomach separately without any flesh touching.

What it says:  This position is for couples who have been together for a while.  You can be passing through an anxiety or fear phase in your relationship especially if none of your limbs are touching. Are you having second thoughts about your partner? Don’t you find him attractive and sexy anymore?

It’s not an intimate position that’s for sure because you’re sleeping separately without any contact with your partner.  It gives you freedom of movement.  But this might also mean that hooking up is far from happening.

Who doesn’t like cuddling?

Are you still connected?

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