65 Dumbest but Funniest Things We Believed as Kids

65 Dumbest but Funniest Things We Believed as Kids

Remember all the myths we were told when we were kids and thought it’s true? At the time, it sounded scary, but now that we are grown ups, we find it humorous to believe. From the tree in your belly if you swallow fruit seeds, to small people turning the street lights on and off, these things formed our innocent childhood memories and grew with us until we realized we’ve been tricked for some reason.

But now that we are talking about it, we feel so ridiculous that we just went with it, and joke and laugh about it.

Let’s face the embarrassment together and get it on with. Look at the bright side, you’re not the only one.

How many of these did you believe as a child?

1- If you put our fallen tooth under the pillow, the tooth fairy will come after you’ve fallen asleep and exchange it for a dollar.

2- If you swallow the seeds of a fruit, a tree will grow inside your stomach

3- There is a whale underneath the bathtub sucking away the water from the drain

4- If you don’t finish our plate, more people will starve

5- The doll in your room comes to life at night and kill you

6- There is someone underneath your bed waiting to grab your foot as soon as you lay it on the floor.

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7- Adults can’t lie

8- Thunder occurs when angels are blowing their noses… or fighting

9- Chocolate milk comes from brown cows

10- If you cross your eyes and someone startles you, your eyes will remain crossed

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11- If you pick your belly button, your stomach gets inflated

12- The moon follows you everywhere you go

13- Kids were bought at the hospital

14- Actors on TV can see you

15- If you kiss a boy or hold his hand, you will get pregnant

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16- There are little people inside the ATM machine dispensing money

17- ATM machines give away money for free

18- The moment the bride gets married, she gets pregnant

19- You can catch clouds in a jar

20- Everything old was black and white

21- If you coughed, sneezed, farted and burped at the same time, you will explode

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22- Never point your finger towards the moon, it will cut your earlobes

23- If you swallow gum, a gum tree will grow in your stomach

24- If you swallow gum, it will remain in your stomach for 7 years

25- Don’t jump over someone lying down, their physical growth will stop

26- We all live inside the earth and not on the surface

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27- Rain is the angels’ tears

28- Angels sit on your shoulder while you are eating. So you should eat your whole plate and not swear while sitting at the table in order not to infuriate them

29- If you tell a lie, your nose will grow longer

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30- Everything on TV is performed live

31- If you keep a feather inside a book, it will grow into small feather in few days

32- Clouds are cotton

33- Cartoon characters are real

34- Thesaurus is a kind of dinosaur

35- Dogs are males and cats are females

36- The sun rises from our village

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37- Stars follow us

38- The light of the torch can reach the moon

39- A creature lives inside the old water tank of the toilet making noises every time you flush

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40- If you remove the sink stopper plug of the bath tub, you will be sucked into the hole

41- If you cry a lot, your hair will grow so much that you will look like a bear

42- When actors die in a movie, they actually die in real life

43- If you eat crusts, your hair becomes curly

44- If one of your eyelashes come out and you find it, place it on the top of your fist, blow it and make a wish, it would definitely be granted

45- If one of your eyelashes fall out on your cheek and sticks, and you could remove it with your fingerprint, your wish will come true

46- Eating spinach gives you inflated muscles and unexpected powers

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47- Teachers live in classrooms

48- People with large butts just held their poop in for too long

49- Men get pregnant with boys and women get pregnant with girls

50- Babies come out of butts

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51- The weather is the same all over the world

52- You will shrink if you stay in the bathtub for too long

53- When people on TV look into the camera, they can see you and talk to you

54- When you hold something right in your dream, it will still be there when you wake up

55- Babies come from birds or by post

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56- The escalator will swallow you up if your shoelaces get stuck

57- Nuns have no hair and no ears

58- If you pick your nose, your head will cave in

59- If you drink coffee, you will turn black

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60- If you make faces and someone startles you, it will remain that way

61- Babies come when girls swallow watermelon seeds

62- If you pick your belly button, you’ll deflate like a balloon

63- If you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyeballs will pop out

64- People in Australia live upside down

65- If you pee in the swimming pool, the water will turn into a bright color

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