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Waiting for the Ring?  Here’s How You Get It

Waiting for the Ring? Here’s How You Get It

Are you impatient to get married more than he is?

You’ve been with your guy for a while now. You’re having dreams about when, how and where he’s getting on one knee, but you seem to be missing the “if”.

All you have in mind is the white dress. The question is: Will he ever pop the question?

To avoid turning your dream into dust and warming his cold feet, there are ways to make him propose.

1– Prove to him that you are a family-oriented girl and a wife material.

Show him you are wife material. Don’t let him sense boredom and routine in your relationship.

Make sure to show him how fun and positive you are as well as how responsible you can get.

Allow him to imagine you the loving wife and ideal mother of his future children.

2- Get closer to his family and earn their trust.

We all know who we’re talking about here. Besides his stomach, his mother has a strong influence on his thoughts.

You can’t expect him to propose if you and your mother in law can’t stand each other, and all you do is nag about her behavior every time you meet.

Who wouldn’t dream of a perfect relationship between his other significant and his family.

The idea of marriage will make more sense to him with harmony in the air.

3- Hang out more with your married friends.

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Introduce him to the advantages of marriage. Let him wish he had a family of his own.

Go out with his cool married friends. Seeing them happily married, he might get encouraged and convinced that your relationship can be super fun even after marriage.

But make sure to choose the happily hitched, not the ones who nag about their marriage life from the hello to the goodbye.

4- Give him the trust he seeks.

Help him open up about his fears. Even if you have your differences when it comes to the definition of marriage, listen to his worries, try to understand his fears from his own point of view, not yours.

Don’t let him feel anxious to open up, this won’t help resolve pending worries about the issue.

Tell him how strong you feel about him every day.

5- Honesty is an essential key.

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The truth always wins. But don’t be so blunt… Know the way to get into his system.

Talk to him about your perspective of marriage, it might be essential for him to know how important it is for you.

Choose your words wisely.

6- Casually mention your future together

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Wait, I don’t me to pressure him by bringing up the subject all the time.

Don’t make him feel he has an ultimatum. Just bring up the topic in a natural manner, don’t take an appointment to talk about it; it might scare him.

Tell your friends and family to stop talking about it every time you meet up, this won’t ease the situation.

7- Talk about family bond, about having your own children.

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Explain to him the reasonable advantages of marriage that a couple can have, even if it includes insurance and tax benefits.

This may help him reveal his feelings about marriage and family.

8- Casually unfold your fantasies about tying the knot with him.

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Don’t start talking about your dream diamond ring and ideal wedding.

Your selfish thoughts may scare him off and your future dreams will be scattered.

Instead, mention your dreams of a happy house full of love and harmony.

9- Get his close friends to like you.

Who wouldn’t wish to have someone loved beside him!

You will be the ideal woman to be around and this will make him proud to have you and hold on to you for life.

You are “la femme fatale”, so act like one!

10- Become the best version of yourself.

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Always look your best. Everyone has enough on his plate, and your partner has enough worries and headaches about his job and his family. He might end up getting rid of more drama in his life… I mean you.

That does not mean that men don’t want the same as women, but they don’t have a way of showing it, or they might not be aware of it until it is as clear as it can get.

This is where your part comes. Your positive actions will inspire him to become a better man.

Everyone seeks motivation. When he looks at his life in a positive angle, he won’t miss the chance to have you by his side for the rest of his life.

11- Let him go out with his friends often

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We all need to hang out with our friends from time to time. Don’t show him your selfishness and jealousy by giving him the face every time there’s a night out with his buddies.

No man would like to see himself chained to the living room couch every night with no social life, especially if he’s not one of those who like it.

12- Give him a sample of the married life you can both have together.

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I don’t mean being overly kind and accommodating, and cooking him a three course meal every day or doing his laundry.

This will not give him a reason to propose! Show him you’re a great team.

If your relationship is healthy and you’re both happy, then whoever said that marriage ruins love is wrong.

Be the perfect girlfriend, I don’t mean flawless, just show him how much you can be helpful in his life, loving and caring whenever needed.

Cook dinners together, prepare a cute romantic breakfast in bed, brunches on Sundays.

This might excite him to go through this experience with you for the rest of his life… and finally propose.

13- Show him your support, appreciate his decisions.

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Compliment him the same way he compliments you. Remember how happy he makes you feel when he tells you how sexy your dress looks on you or how stylish your new haircut is.

Being appreciated and praised give him joy and self satisfaction.

No matter how small the gesture is, don’t take it for granted.

It might have taken him some effort to do it, so appreciate it.

14- Loyalty is a crucial part of marriage.

Show him how loyal you are. No man would like to get himself into a fake marriage.

No guy likes the idea of divorce, so this is your chance to show him how loyal and caring you are in your long lasting marriage.

15- Plan a romantic getaway.

We all need to get out of the routine, run from our daily headaches, and forget about our worries.

By living the fairy-tale, you can have an honest conversation about your future, open up about your concerns, talk about your dreams which involve him throughout the stages of your life.

16- Become invincible in his life.

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Relieve him of some responsibilities that you can handle.

But don’t take in charge of everything and leave him totally dependent on you, even in useless issues.

17- Spend more time with your friends.

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Show him you have a life of your own. Awake the curiosity in him. Show him you have another life, it’s not just him that you’re always waiting for to have fun.

This is a simple strategy to make him realize that his love life can change if he doesn’t propose soon.

He’s going to wish that you were living together under one roof, and that by the end of the day, you’re coming back to him not anybody else, as Micheal Buble sang “Save The Last Dance For Me.

18- Let him know you have options.

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He can keep ice water in his veins and never propose if you give me the feeling that your life turns around him.

Don’t be too obvious, but don’t also scare him off. He knows you love him and he knows how important he is for you.

But let him know you can have other options too, which might make your presence around him more precious.

19- Ease his mind by showing him you are not heavy maintenance.

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Let him know you don’t mind having a reasonable wedding ring. No need to invite the whole city to your wedding.

20- Watch romantic comedies

It’s true, most guys hate romantic comedies.

But there’s always a great time for a large bowl of popcorn or nachos with cheese (talking about it now got me crave for some).

Cuddle in that cozy couch under the warm blanket, and watch this not too cheesy romantic movie that he’ll most probably like. Just one movie every once in a while.

Maybe this might put his mind into proposals and together forever relationships. Mission accomplished!

21- Avoid doing the same mistakes as his Ex

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Learning from the mistakes of others is wise.

Get to know what your boyfriend hated about his ex to avoid doing the same mistakes she did and end up in the no-thank-you zone.

He might be nervous from the idea of marriage because of her and doubted if ever the commitment was made for him.

Change his mind, prove to him that marriage is a positive thing, and work your woman’s charm while doing that.

22- Be patient!

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Don’t be desperate to get married.

Remember, those who wait impatiently for something are most likely to wait long.

Just let it go. It will eventually happen if you’re really bonded and if he’s marriage material.

But first, you must:

1- Make sure he is ready.

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Is it the right stage of his life? Is he ready to settle down?

Make sure that this big step of his life is on his top priorities list, whether it was financially or morally.

Being together for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean that he is ready for marriage, regardless of how much he loves you.

Don’t forget the matter of age.

2- Learn more about his point of view in marriage.

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Does he believe in marriage?

You can find out by generally talking about the subject.

Ask him about his vision of the future.

If his dreams are to travel round the world, or to buy an expensive car, you should be heading towards the door by now. You might not be included in his future dreams.

You can gossip about your married friends to learn more about his opinion of marriage.

3- Make sure you are the one he sees his future with.

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He might be financially stable and ready to have a family of his own, but you might not be the one involved in all this.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

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