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You Think You Know Much About Sex?

You Think You Know Much About Sex?

Whether you’re a wandering Casanova in the streets or a flirty hot number on linen, do you really think you know everything about sex? As broad as your knowledge can be, you will be shocked to know about some interesting facts and myths which might still be unrevealed to you.

As much as sex is a natural happening, and as much as we love its existence, let’s admit that our imagination can make it as weird and shocking as it can get.

Great way to spice up our sex life would be to have sex!

Here are some of these interesting facts:

1- Sex is a cure for headaches and some pains

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You might not be aware of this, but next time you’re in pain and it happens that you had the opportunity to have sex, observe how you forget all about your pain during the act. This concludes that it’s all in our brain. Once you’re enjoying sex, say bye bye to your pain.

I’m in my bed, you’re in your bed. One of us in in the wrong place.

2- Some people experience same feeling of excitement when eating delicious foods as when having sex

Refresh your memory. Do you remember the last time you ate something delicious? The way you close your eyes while you savor the taste. You feel the ecstasy going up your throat, your body shakes from arousal. If you compare those overwhelming emotions with the exciting feeling you have during sex, you can see how similar they are.

3- Overweight men last longer in bed

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If you are one of those who like to take their time in bed, you now know what type of men to seek.

4- The scent of the body is a high aphrodisiac for good sex

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No need to elaborate more, as we all know how much the smell of your partner affects your sexual appetite. Let’s hope you can hold yourself from the man you’re meeting when his perfume fills your nose.

5- Sperm contains some proteins that have the same effect as your anti-wrinkle daily cream

The sound of it is… repelling?! But let’s face it, sperm can work for curing facial acne and fights wrinkles. So ladies, go ahead and throw away your anti-wrinkle creams and keep your money for a pair of shoes;

6- A stronger immune system is built if you have sex once or twice a week

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Researchers came up with the result that sex can help your body fight viruses and bacteria. So if you know people who frequently have the flu, you are familiar with their sex life. Have more sex, it also prevents heart failure and cancer. It’s a good alibi for asking for more sex from your partner.

7- Sex rejuvenates our looks

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It is said that people who look younger are most likely to be having sex more than three times a week. So get your grip and find the right partner to go mattress dancing.

8- Women get more excited during their period

Hormones are the winner in playing the essential role in arousing women. During menstruation, hormone levels hit high, so you’ll be lucky to have a partner who has no problem having intercourse during your period.

9- Sex is a natural workout

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You burn between 80 and 150 calories in 30 minutes of active sex or 5 calories per minute, considering whether you’re in the position of the male or the female. Do you want to loose more calories during sex? Quit ironing and go think of a useful position.

Can I be your personal sexual trainer? I promise we’ll burn calories

10- Humans are attracted to taken individuals more than single ones

Irrationally, and as myths say, humans in nature find the forbidden more challenging. Who doesn’t like challenge!

11- A twenty-minute workout before sex improves your performance

If you feel tonight is your night, get your energy together and exercise for 20 minutes before it’s time to cozy up with your partner, that is if you want to be bionic in bed.

12- High heels help you orgasm

Do you want to orgasm faster? Wear at least 2-inch high heels shoes, it strengthens your pelvic muscles as research says.

13- Most women are hard to orgasm

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The human body of a woman is not a machine. We don’t have an orgasm button that we can click to climax, as some men think. Actually, men are more likely to achieve orgasm easier and quicker than women.

14- Massage your man, you will turn him on quicker

Who doesn’t enjoy a massage especially an erotic one in bed by the partner? Do you want to turn him/her on and feel the heat yourself? Hurry up, prepare your lubricant and stretch your muscles for some hot massage.

You remind me of my pinky toe… sooner or later, I’m gonna bang you on a table

15- Men think of sex every seven seconds

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We can’t hide the fact that men think of sex hundreds of times a day, whatever they see, wherever they are. Although less frequent than men, women also dream of sex, and their dreams are triggered by unusual and unexpected reasons.

16- The desired duration of penetration is in average between 7 and 12 minutes

Unless you want to have a vaginal inflammation, you’d better make sure your partner climaxes before the 12 minutes are over.

17- Men can orgasm without ejaculation

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During steamy sex, men feel they have reached orgasm even if no semen is in view, and they can continue the act until they climax again and the semen is physically out.

18- An active sex life leads to a healthier mind and a better performance at work

What are you waiting for? Throw your anti-depressants and go have sex. Thus, whenever you’re under stress or you feel it’s the end of the world, make love and relax.

More Sex, Less Stress

19- About 75 percent of women don’t climax with penetrative sex

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For women, it’s not by definition that women orgasm during penetration. Many climax just by touching.

20- Some people experience sexual fantasies with celebrities

I’m not saying it’s common, but don’t be shy if you’re having hot dreams with Pamela Anderson or Brad Pitt. You’re not the only one in this world.

21- Group sex or swinging is the most common sexual fantasy, followed by BDSM

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Whether you admit it or you don’t, many couples wish to swing with a couple they know, or interact with incognito group sex, especially if they are a power couple. But not everyone has the guts to do it for some reason. As such, BDSM comes at a later stage of the relationship.

Let’s role play… I’ll be Burger Kind and You’ll be McDonald’s… I’ll have it my way and you’ll be loving it.

22- Sperm can live inside the woman’s body for 3 to 5 days

Ladies, if getting pregnant is not on your agenda, watch out, you can still get knocked up 5 days before your ovulation day. And for those who are planning a family, don’t keep your legs high for hours after sex; you will get pregnant anyway.

23- Women’s breasts can enlarge during sexual act

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For women with small breasts, yey! it’s an advantage for you ladies.

24- Sex is better than sleeping pills

Since it reduces stress, you can have a good night sleep after sexual intercourse. So now you know what to do if you’re wishing to continue your favorite series or watch a movie while your husband keeps changing the channel.

I hope you can last as long in bed as you do in an argument

25- What your lady parts smell is the result of what you eat and drink

Oranges and grapefruits, Greek yogurt, fresh veggies, sweet spices (like cinnamon and nutmeg) and whole grains can give your fluids a sweeter taste and a better smell. On the other hand, if you have a hot night, avoid these foods and beverages from your dietary system: Alcohol, strong spices, garlic, onions, sugar, broccoli, asparagus, coffee, red meat and milk.

26- If you use the method of withdrawal during sex, your partner might still get pregnant

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For couples who are avoiding pregnancy, you might need to consider closely the act of pulling it out before ejaculation. Your pre-ejaculation fluid (aka precum) is a high risk of pregnancy. It only takes one sperm to get her pregnant, although there’s a 4% risk.

27- Take it easy on the booze

The effect of alcohol on your sexual appetite can be alluring. But it might ruin your hot night performance. Alcohol is a depressant, so overdoing it might ruin your night by causing erectile dysfunction. We wouldn’t want that, would we?

28- Moaning is sexy

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Don’t be scared to let it all out. Your moaning is the most effective sex toy during the act. Who doesn’t like listening to their partner enjoying their act? Don’t shout like you’re in a porn movie, but show your partner how pleased you are. This is what we call nonverbal communication – healthy for your relationship.

The sex was so good that even the neighbors had a cigarette

29- Women get erections too

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Yes, your eyes are reading correctly. Women do get erections, but being luckier than men, the eye can’t spot it underneath the clothes. You can touch the clitoris when it is excited and feel it expanding.

30- Three percent of people have no sexual fantasies

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You think you are not normal by having weird sexual fantasies? Well seems you’re not; there are 97% of the population like you. But the surprising part is the remaining 3% who have no sexual fantasies at all.

If you could read my mind, I’m pretty sure you’d either be traumatized, sexually aroused, or both.

31- Sex is desired in grieving

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Doesn’t this sound weird? But in fact, it is true. Grief can ping your libido, so people tend to have sex, more like make love, to suppress their pain and escape from their current fact. So guys, you don’t need to look good, just show them some luv!

32- Your socks can give you orgasm

It’s usually the sexy lingerie that increases the tension in the air. But for some unknown reason, leaving your socks on during sex can increase the chance of having an orgasm. It might be due to the fact that you need to be relaxed and feel in your comfort zone to orgasm, and your socks provide you with this feeling by keeping your feet warm.

So ladies, don’t let your cold tootsie get in the way of your orgasm.

33- 25 is the average sexual peak

Generally speaking, the age of 25 is the age the most that you have sex. After 25, your sexual graph starts declining. At least that’s what they say; it’s logic more than math.

34- Condoms are not sex magic

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Remember the ad campaigns about “good pleasure” condoms? Well, they give pleasure to something… your credit card. So whenever they say textured condoms are special for their bumps and ribbed styles, give them your deaf ear.

35- Rough rubbing and hard pounding don’t turn your woman on

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If you think by rubbing your woman’s parts harder and faster, or by performing hard pounding for hours, you are pleasing your woman, you’re unquestionably mistaken. By rubbing hard, your girl’s private parts get irritated, making her uncomfortable during sex. And with long hours of pounding, you might cause her vaginal injury as her fluids dry with longer duration.

36- 75% of women don’t orgasm from penetration

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Don’t worry guys, it is normal for the woman not to orgasm from “regular” penetration.

An additional tip, women can climax by flirting more than by penetration.

37- If you don’t orgasm, that doesn’t mean you didn’t have sex

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The thought of climaxing as a must to consider that you had sex is a pressure itself. You can enjoy sex and psychologically reach orgasm without climaxing biologically. There are many ways to find pleasure without experiencing orgasm.

38- You can accidentally break a penis

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Ouch, the sound of it hurts, but I have to admit that it is true. Although its occurrence is rare, but it can happen when you change positions during an erection.

My advise? Next time you change positions, withdraw the penis from the woman’s private area first.

39- Watching the act itself is a stimulant

Mirrors are a good love potion. Watching each other performing or making love adds up the excitement. It’s like watching a porn movie.

Want to come over and watch porn on my flat screen mirror?


  • If your woman has a tight vagina, this proves she hasn’t previously had much sex

Dearest men readers, don’t get fooled. Tightness has nothing to do with how many people a woman had sex with. Female bodies just differ.

  • The size of the feet (or the nose) estimate the size of the man’s genitals

Relax guys, don’t be shy if you have small feet. It has no relation with the size of your dinkey nor your nose. Some men have a big nose but a tiny weenie underneath their pants.

  • Pineapple makes your semen tastier

Wrong. It’s true that asparagus gives a bad smell to your pee, but that doesn’t mean that drinking pineapple juice before sex can make your semen taste sweeter than a fruit salad.

  • After sexual intercourse, leaving your legs up high for a while gets you pregnant.

No, totally wrong. We know how fast sperm runs. Just bake the cake and enjoy it.

  • Shower sex is exciting
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Well… NO! Water is a horrific lubricant, it dries the vaginal fluids and causes irritation. Besides, one of you is going to get cold and end up having cramps. Instead, you can take a cozy shower together after sex.

  • A big penis or lots of sex can stretch your vagina
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Ladies, go have sex as much as you want, and don’t be scared if you happen to have a partner with a “king ding-a-ling”. Your vaginal canal is a muscle, it stretches only during the act, not permanently. Eventually, it will bounce back and you’ll feel the tight virgin again.

  • You can know if your partner has STD just by looking

As hilarious as it sounds, if your partner always showers and smells nice cologne, that doesn’t mean he or she are STD free. You will definitely not read it on their forehead.

14,000 people are having sex right now. 25,000 are kissing. 50,000 are hugging. And you.. well, you’re reading this.

Trust me, I’m not happy about it either.

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