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Shhh! 34 Secrets Women Keep From Men

Shhh! 34 Secrets Women Keep From Men

Women, like men, never reveal everything. It’s a complex mechanism. Whether you find it silly or rational, women tend to be secretive about their bodies, their past lives, their free time, even their culpable pleasures.

Why do we do it? Well, we find some of it useless to be discussed, or we prefer not to mention it because men might misunderstand us.

As much as the couple are honest with each other, those little secrets remain a mystery to both. A woman can give you her heart and body, but there’s always something which you will never unveil about her.

Men, if you’re reading this, prepare yourselves to what you are going to find.

1- I got it on sale!

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Whatever she buys, clothes, shoes, or even furniture, multiply it by 30%, shh, sometimes more, that depends on how expensive the item is. Why do you really want to know how much she paid? When her mind is fixed on something, don’t even try to argue with her. She will always find a way to convince you that what she did is right.

2- Alice in chains

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Sometimes she tends to hide her extreme sexual fantasies especially if she hasn’t been in a long relationship with her partner. She prefers to study you, grade your performance in bed for a while, and try to discover your dark imaginations before exposing herself to the wild.


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Your girlfriend knows everything about you even before you your first words. Thanks to social media, digging into your past is a piece of cake to her, although she knows she will be bent out of shape. This goes for your family and friends’ news too, just so you know.

4- Well chosen

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Even though it’s harmless, I’m sorry to inform you that she sometimes compares you to her exes to convince herself that she has done well choosing you.

5- Breakup

If she is planning for a breakup, be certain that everyone will know about it before you do. Don’t be surprised to be the last one to know once she drops the bomb.

6- Herpy-derpy Fights

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When she scoops issues out from the past and fights about it over and over again… common sense, she’s being ignored. So don’t blame her for her tweaking, just give her more of your time, show her how valuable she is to you and you will be spared of all those flippery fights during which you always wonder “what the hell!”

7- Yes, I care

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I rarely believe a woman who claims she is completely open minded and believes in individual space. She surely has a small notebook containing the last time you called her or sent her a message, and the time you forgot special events … unless she doesn’t care about you that much.

8 Jealous

What kind of woman doesn’t get mad jelly of her partner’s ex. She tries to hide it to show you she’s a bigger person, but deep down, she is always aware of the ex even though she knows how far you forgot about her and how much you’re into her. Careful, it’s not a trust issue.

9- The fairy tale of equality

No matter how independent and modern she is, she always wants her partner to be “the man”. She loves the feeling of being protected by her prince charming.

10Don’t you judge me!

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No man has ever ignored the idea of being the best for his woman, better than her exes. Some men ask about it bluntly. This is another secret a woman hides from her partner. She rarely says the truth about it if it’s going to jack his wires. She can’t walk around telling him “my ex was a better lover than you” or “I tickled my fancy with him more than with you.” Some things are better left unsaid, trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

11- Open up about his family

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We all know men are influenced by their family members, especially their mothers. So she tends to hide some of her bitterness towards his family to avoid arguments which might lead to nowhere. As long as those issues are minimal, she can just stay lowkey. Some day, it will all pop out.

12- Attention seeker

Some women say they hate jealousy and possessiveness. But don’t try to look differently at another woman, or forget to ask about their day and worry about others’ problems. But let’s not forget that jealousy and possessiveness have their limits.

13- Fantasize about other guys

yes, she fantasizes about hot actors, but that doesn’t mean that she will throw herself in their arms if she had the chance. It’s just a fantasy that she stashes for her own.

14- Lack of the fire light

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She loves you, you know that. But she misses having the spark and the fun of a new relationship, and ‘the falling in love’ frizzle again. She will never confess that to you! You will definitely misunderstand her.

15- Girlfriend secrets

If her girlfriend tells her a secret about her love life, don’t expect her to reveal it to you. I know you can also keep secrets, but it’s her private life after all.

16- Her baggage

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Silence is golden, especially if it’s history, long time before you met your partner, as long as it doesn’t have a direct influence on your relationship. So don’t try to ask a woman about her “black book.” Don’t say I haven’t warned you!

17- Our new shoes are old

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Besides the juicy price she avows, her new Channel shoes are being covert in an anonymous place for a while before they see the light, and the moment you ask if it’s new, she will tell you she bought it last year, but you haven’t noticed it. I bet you that 98% of women do this.

18- Going through the motions

We fake our orgasm for a good reason. She enjoys sex with you even if she doesn’t get the big O. But men don’t understand this concept and consider it a threat to the relationship, and start having downside thoughts like: “Is she seeing someone else? Am I not pleasing her enough?”

Well, keep in mind that she’s sometimes tired and choose to get it on with. Would you rather prefer that she says NO every time she doesn’t feel like hitting it on? So yes, she has valid reasons to go through the motions. She always wants to make you feel you’re “the man” because she wishes for that in bed too.

19- Burping the worm

It’s hard for a woman to admit that she enjoices her toys alone from time to time. This is a secret men will never know unless she feels the idea turns him on.

20- Late night sex?

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Making love, or to be more specific, having sex at 11 pm after a long day is really out of the question for a knackered woman. Maybe if you think of the long day she’s had, you can avoid the fake excuses she will give you.

21- Beauty rituals

You will never know the beauty routine she endures to maintain her good-looking. The body shaving, the peeling, the pedicures, the removal of the dark spots on the nose, the mustache removal, the eyebrows… no time to list it all. Trust me, it’s better for you to stay ignorant and see the results only.

22- Books

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She worries that you might find her featherbrained if she buys Astrology books, or Weird Smells books. So it’s better for both of you to keep it a secret. In the end, why should you care what she’s reading?

23- Accidents happen

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You will rarely know when she slightly scratches her car or forgets to change the engine oil. Why would she start an argument and look for a valid excuse (when it IS her fault). Better avoid hearing you say “you will never learn from your mistakes” or “you don’t deserve to have a car.”

24- Stash tatters

Your “vintage” clothes are out of questions, not to forget your ripped out t-shirts . When she points out to garments you never wear and are still new, you get anxious and ignore her. You’re wondering about her secret? She hides these old clothes for some time in a way to make you forget about it. Then she lays your new clothes in the front because you always grab what’s in the front and wears it (lack of time). Once you forget about the vintage clothes, it will be time to give it away.

25- Talking about the green

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Ah! Finances! I wonder if there’s any woman on earth who doesn’t hide her credit card balance from her husband. Being a working woman or a housewife, she always tends to save some money either for urgent matters which we’d better not tell, or to buy this nice Gucci bag she went wingding over.

26- I’m wonder woman

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Sometimes if she has a small feminine health problem, she prefers keeping it to herself. She wouldn’t want you to see her as a wimp.

27- My best friend knows everything

She won’t tell you that her best friend knows how many times you two have sex, or the time you flirted with your colleague which got her furious. Or when your mother got salty.

28- Fantasizing about you

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She fantasized about you before you two hooked up. But she will most probably not tell you about it anytime soon.

29- Being Miss detective

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She won’t tell you she has been looking into your browsing history. Yes, she now knows by heart the porn sites your frequently visit. and yes, she will definitely add it to her notebook.

30- Cry in silence

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There are times she keeps her grief to herself. You made her bawl more than you ever know.

31- Keep special messages

She is keeping all your sweet messages and voice mails since the day your relationship started, and she listens to them every time she feels the love… or the depression.

32- The special knickers

You might not know about her granny underwear that she wears for few days every month, that is during menstruation. I doubt you will ever find out about it.

33- Attraction

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You will never know that she stares at your buttocks when you’re leaving the room, or while you’re dressing up, specifically when you get out of the shower!

34- Pick up the tab

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Even if she insists on paying the bill on the first date, she wouldn’t like it. Not treating her gives her the feeling of you being cheap if you let her pay. Some people will go against this, but most women, deep down inside, would love being pampered on their first date.

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