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Not in The Mood For Sex?  Are You Looking For a Way Out?

Not in The Mood For Sex? Are You Looking For a Way Out?

It takes two to make it happen!

Do you want to talk blatantly? Are you open to this critical subject? Emotions in a relationship are essential, but seriously? A relationship without sex? I doubt it can last unless both are faking their platonic happiness and convincing themselves that they can go on without intimate interaction. The frequency of sex between couples vary, but it is crucial no matter how many times you do it per week.

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The headache excuse may be outdated, he won’t buy it anymore. He’ll feel neglected, and you know the outcome!

You might look for other justifications if you don’t feel like getting intimate with your partner.

1- I’m in my strawberry week:

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That time of month can be the most efficient reason to avoid sexual intercourse, unless he doesn’t find it gross, then you’re hosed. Usually during menstruation, although our hormones hit the sky, most of us don’t feel in our skin and our self confidence is usually low. Some men might brag about it

2- I’m not in the mood:

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Men think you don’t need to be in the mood to do it. “Just lay down and I’ll do the rest”, they say. Well NO sir, it doesn’t work that way. We are not machines. When we are not in the mood, this means the word “sex” is eliminated from our vocabulary. Ok, sometimes we feel we are never in the mood. But when the hormones hit, we eventually have a good time.

3- I’m nervous:

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Run away as fast as you can when we are nervous. We’ve had a long day and we wouldn’t want to be touched. So if you lay your hand on us you need to have full insurance coverage to your life; we are out of control.

4- All you think about is sex:

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This can purely be an alibi for you when your partner is always seeking your approach. You might not feel it tonight, just let him know that sometimes he has to lay low and leave you alone. Why don’t men realize that sex is not for satiety!

5- I haven’t taken my shower and won’t take one before tomorrow:

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Who would want to get anywhere near fungi? That works perfectly without any effort if you’re not in the mood.

6- I don’t feel sexy:

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This reason is usually sincere. Since women’s mood is defined by their hormones, some days are not in our favor. Your self esteem would be low, and you might feel your performance would be bad. But if you’re using this to have a quiet sexless night, it works sometimes, unless your partner is blinded by his drives and doesn’t mind how you look.

7- The kids might wake up:

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Sex after marriage is totally different from sex before the “I do” and moving in together. What about knowing your kids are on the other side of your bedroom wall! Besides, finding a relaxing time at the end of a long working day can be more precious than bed workout. And since you both care about the kids’ well-being, this might be a good excuse for enjoying a good night sleep as soon as you lay your head on the pillow.

8- I’m so tired:

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This might be another popular reason for getting out of it when you’re not in the mood. In all cases, there are several reasons why you might be tired, knowing that women have their house work, their jobs, and their kids to deal with every single day. It’s no surprise that exhaustion rules us at the end of the day.

9- I forgot my pill:

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Knowing that men usually worry about committing that mistake, the “anti-birther” excuse usually works. You’ll find yourself asleep in no time.

10- Let’s talk about your family and friends:

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Not in the mood for “hunka chunka”? All you need to do to revive the “not so memorable” moments you’ve had with his/her family or friends. It’s a good anaphrodisiac. I have a better idea, talk about your mother!

But why are you not in the mood? Why aren’t you looking forward to get laid?

These are some reasons why you might not be anywhere near physical intimacy. It goes for both, men and women.

1- You have relationship problems – you don’t feel connected to each other, it can be due to the hectic life you’re leading, parental duties or other stressful life issues.

2- You’re close to menopause

3- You’re running away from routine – one of you has to add some spice in bed.

4- You’re stressed or depressed – don’t let stress win. Once you’re in bed, there are other sexy stuff to think of.

5- You’re not comfortable with the sex you’re having – Either you might be expecting more from your partner’s performance if you are a big fan of Hollywood movies, or you might not like what they expect you to do.

6- You feel insecure with your partner – is the love gone in the wind?

7- You’re always tired – these two words simply say it all: kids & work.

8- Your diet is weak – Are you not eating much? You might also be eating too much that you feel lazy after a full stomach.

9- You’re getting rough on the booze – take it easy!

10- You might be having some side effects from your contraceptives – change the means.

11- You’re not on the same wave as your partner when it comes to sex. Your fantasies are different.

12- He’s not appreciating you, neither in public nor when you two are alone.

13- He makes fun of your appearance – this leaves you with the feeling of insecurity, since your body image has a huge effect on the way you sexually perform.

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14- You’re scared of trying new things to spice things up

15- Your mind is set on someone else – which results in loss of attraction to your partner

16- Your interest in movies and your attachment to your phone is more important than your relation with your partner – throw this phone aside, focus on reality.

17- Hectic daily routine

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18- Excessive workout – or lack of it. It’s true that people who work out tend to feel turned on more than others. But by spending most of your time exercising, you won’t have the strength to do anything once you’re in bed. Lack of workout also ends in laziness, thus seeking deep sleep will be your only night goal.

19- Lack of sleep/insomnia

20- Uncontrolled meds or antidepressants – if you’re not yet aware of the side effects that meds and antidepressants have on your sex life, now is the time to start reconsidering every time you take one.

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21- You’re not interested in the same sex anymore – you might be more into the same gender.

22- Loss of attraction

23- Low testosterone/low hormones

24- You’re always busy with other stuff – Laundry and dish washing can wait. Even if you have OCD, give some time to your partner’s carnal needs and your sexual drives.

25- You’re too comfortable – does this mean you two are now just buddies? I can only tell you one thing: Watch out, this is a red flag!

26- Ageing – As men age, they have more trouble getting it on, due to chronic diseases like cholesterol, diabetes or other.

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27- You’re pissed – say bye bye to your libido

28- Your bedroom might not have the perfect atmosphere – you can’t imagine the influence of the ambiance on your sexual appetite. If you really want to get it on, you know what to do!

Be cleverly witty, and you will get what you need.

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