Boy or Girl? What Do Old Wives’ Tales Reveal?

Boy or Girl? What Do Old Wives’ Tales Reveal?

Are you pregnant? Aren’t you curious to know if it’s a boy or a girl? Grandma wants to know whether to get the blue or the pink cover. Daddy has his eye on the Yankees overall, and aunty is longing to get her first cute dress for her niece. You are all acting snoopy for what you’re expecting.

In your first trimester, your doctor can’t guess the gender of your baby until the fourth month of your pregnancy. Even though some choose to keep it as a surprise, that would be a good reason to take a look at the list of these old wives predictions.

” Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are”

Prepare yourself to be amazed. Some predictions are too much to handle, but some in fact worked with me during my pregnancy. Remember, these are all predictions. But in all cases, it’s fun to know about it:

1- Sweet vs. salty: You’re craving sweets excessively (chocolate, fruits)? It’s a girl. You’re craving salty or sour foods (lemon and acidic flavors)? It might also be protein, It’s a boy – Wish I was pregnant to have a valid reason to always crave salty foods and follow it with sweets right after the salty flavor.

2- Morning sickness: If your morning sickness is unbearable in your early pregnancy with unbearable nausea, it’s a girl – It’s the worst part of pregnancy; I hate nausea, it’s the end of the world to me.

3- Hair and skin: If your hair and skin are glowing, it’s a boy. If your hair is falling out and your skin is forming acne and other blots (they say the girl steals her mom’s glow), it’s a girl – Glad I’m not pregnant these days, I will look like Nathalie Portman in V for Vendetta.

4- Garlic experiment: If you’re able to eat lots of garlic and not smell like it, it’s a girl – I love garlic, but please don’t try this experiment more than once, your husband will definitely hate this prediction.

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5- Mood swings: If your mood is swinging and you feel cranky, it’s a girl. If you’re feeling la dolce vita and chill, it’s a boy – Hormones my friend.

6- Belly High or low: Are you carrying high? Or your belly is growing from the sides too? it’s a girl. Carrying low, or your belly is growing round to the front without the sides? it’s a boy – What if I’m carrying a non-pregnant belly in the middle?

7- Heart beat rate: During ultrasound, if the heart rate of your baby is ticking faster than 140 beats, it’s a girl. Slower heart rates signal a boy – Use the treadmill before the ultrasound if you’re seeking a girl.

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8- Change in your body temperature: If you’re feeling hot and sweaty, it’s a boy. If you’re always cold and freezing, it’s a girl – Do you prefer sweaty or freezing? Both are yukky.

Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two little eyes, one little nose. Boy or girl, nobody knows”

9- The ring swing test: Get a string and tie a ring to it, hang it over your belly and dangle it. If it swings back and forth, it’s a boy. If it swings in circles, it’s a girl – I used to try this before having my two kids, and it ironically worked.

10- Partner’s weight gain: If your husband also gains some baby weight alongside you, then it’s a girl – If your husband needs an excuse to gain weight, you’d rather leave him in the dark regarding this prediction.

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11- Frequent headaches: If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, it’s a boy – but these days, who doesn’t suffer from headaches?

” Pink or blue, our dream came true”

12- Feeling unbalanced: If you’re loosing balance or feeling heavy-handed and lightheaded, it’s a boy – P.S. don’t test yourself when you’re under the effect of alcohol… wait, stop, you shouldn’t be drinking if you’re pregnant. I rephrase, don’t test yourself when you’re under the effect of sleeping pills (now that’s better).

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13- Bigger boobs: if your boobs have suddenly taken a bigger size, it’s a girl – I want a girl, I would definitely look better with bigger boobs.

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14- Hard time sleeping: If you aren’t sleeping much, it’s a boy – In the end, you have another person growing inside you.

15- Widening nose: Old wives’ tale says that if your nose widens, it might be a boy – so I guess your face will look awfully weird?

16- Swollen legs or ankles: Rumor has it that it’s a boy if you experience swollen legs or ankles – But in summer, my legs naturally swell and I feel like I have swallowed 18 gallons of water.

17- Crazy pregnancy dreams: If you dream about the gender of your baby, your baby’s gender will be the opposite – Can’t I dream of something more arousing? (pregnancy hormones).

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18- Color of your pee: If your urine is faded or light in color, it’s a girl. If it’s bright yellow, it’s a boy – and if you have a urine infection, it’s dark yellowish (just saying).

19- Difference in breast size: If the left breast is larger than the right one, it’s a girl. If it’s the right is larger, it’s a boy – But I always have one breast different from the other in size, am I a freak?

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20- Faster leg hair growth: If your leg hair is growing thicker and faster, it’s a boy – Testosterone is hitting you hard, keep your razor close. Good luck!

21- Extending your hand: If when you’re asked to extend your hand without prior notice, you extend it palm up, it’s a girl. If you extend your hands down, it’s a boy – what if we extend both hands?

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22- Having a bright face: If your face is full and bright, it’s a girl. But if your face looks tired and you resemble a walking dead, it’s a boy – I have a full face thanks to my full stomach, rich appetite.

23- Carrying weight placement: If you feel your pregnancy belly’s weight is evenly around the middle, it’s a girl. If the weight is in front, then it’s a boy – That’s what old wives say, don’t blame me.

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24- Chinese and Mayan birth charts: Pick the age when you conceived and the month of the conception. If both are even or both odd, it’s a girl. If one is even and the other is odd, it’s a boy – Well, when we are desperate for something, we try everything for a hint as long as it’s harmless. I would try this one out.

25- Meat or cheese craving: Men like meat, so basically, if you are craving meat, you must be carrying a boy – Blame the rumor… Move on.

26- Dark belly line: Old wives’ tale says that if the pregnancy dark belly line (also called Linea Negra) extends from under the rib cage down to the belly, it’s a boy. If it runs only from the belly button down, then it’s a girl – mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the pregnant of them all!

27- The eye test: Go to your mirror, open your eyes wide, and check if your pupils are dilating. If they are, you’re having a boy.

28- Sleeping position: If you’re recently embracing the left side of your bed, it’s a boy. Right side, it’s a girl– If this rumor is true, then all my babies would be boys… but I love girls!

29- Toddler advice: Ask a toddler boy about his opinion of your baby’s gender. If he shows interest in your belly, it’s a girl. If he ignores you, it’s a boy.

30- Drano test: I saved the best for last. Most amazing trick which freakishly works. Mix your urine with drain cleaner (yes, you’re reading properly), the color of the urine changes. Bluish yellow means it’s a boy. Greenish brown means it’s a girl – Worth trying.

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So based on these old wives’ tales, are you having a boy or a girl?

If you already gave birth, how many of these are true?

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