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Christmas “Hide and Go Seek” Hunt Riddles

Christmas “Hide and Go Seek” Hunt Riddles

To add some excitement to your Christmas eve and get out of the traditional procedure of “give me my gift I’ll give you yours”, try the “Hide and Seek” gift game before your Christmas dinner, also called as “Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues” (I still don’t understand how did they come up with that name). Each Christmas, gift sharing time takes 10 minutes to the tops, and all the excitement lasts for only this limited time. This year, I will follow these riddles for my kids gift hunting to add more enthusiasm and anticipation to our night.

But first, you need to keep in mind the following:

Choose the wrap that best fits your gift.

Try to wrap it the smallest you can to fit in almost anywhere.

You can’t wrap your gift if it was flowers, so your gift must be suitable for this game.

– Depending on the age of your player, find a suitable place.

The longer – the harder – the more exciting.

Make it a safe place.

Don’t turn your exciting night into a disastrous one. For instance, forget about hiding it outside if it’s raining and freezing (unless you live in the “land down under” where the stars fill the sky on Christmas eve); and don’t hide it in the oven, you might turn it on anytime and forget you ever placed it there; or inside the toilet seat, nobody enjoys sticking their hand there even if they’re picking up a diamond ring.

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Here are some clues for your riddles, you choose how long your game should last depending on the number of clues you put in each place. Your gift should be placed where the clues guide you. You can plan your riddle according to your home setup and family habits:

Clue #1: We can tell from Santa’s beard he’s pretty old

your first clue is where we keep the food ________ (cold)

Clue #2: Santa’s outfit is white and red

Go to where you lay your _______ (head)

Clue #3: Rudolph is Santa’s best flyer

Why don’t you look in the washer or the _____ (obviously dryer)

Clue #4: Having your head twisted and burned?

Patience! have a look in a book from which you have ________ (learned)

Clue #5: I see your patience is starting to lag

You want your present? Just go to where you find a trash _____ (bag)

Clue #6: The tree looks so festive covered in red and green

Your first clue is where your bag was last ______________ (seen)

Clue #7: Santa’s wondering if you’ve been naughty or nice

So go check where we put the _______________(ice)

Clue #8: If you are nice, Santa has lots of gifts for you to give

Check out where dad’s folded, clean clothes ________ (live)

Clue #9: Rudolph is well known because his nose can be seen

Your next clue is inside a _____________ machine (washing, dish, whatever machine you want to choose)

Clue #10: We all know Santa and Mrs. Claus live in the North Pole

But no one knows what you might find in your cereal ______________ (bowl)

Clue #11: Did these clues force your brain to think?

Good! Now go check for the next one under the __________ sink (it can be the kitchen sink or any toilet sink)

Clue #12: Whatever you were watching on your mobile, please pause it

You want your next clue? It’s hidden inside a ______ (it’s definitely not a shoe box or a cupboard, it’s a closet)

Clue #13: “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and Jingle Bells” are the most famous Christmas tunes

Why don’t you go check among the forks, knives and ______________ (spoons)

Clue #14: Santa knows if you’re sleeping or awake, you know he has the power

He also knows if you’ve been clean or dirty, so go check in the ______________ (shower)

Clue #15: Each year Santa’s trip makes the big news

For your next clue, go look where you put your boots and __________ (shoes)

Clue #16: As much as you’re nice, Santa is willing and able

Stop looking high, look low, you next clue is under the dining __________ (table)

Clue #17: Are you tired? There are several clues more

Get your grips together and look outside your front __________ (door)

Clue #18: When you write your letter to Santa, you have to put a stamp

Search for the light, don’t open the fridge, go look by a _______ (lamp)

Clue #19: Christmas time is jolly for you have no homework and unbearable division

I’m sure you’re spending your time watching movies, so check around your ___________ (television)

Clue #20: To be on the list of nice, you must always say “Thank you” and “Please”

If you ask nicely, I can tell you your next clue is where we keep the _______ (peas)

Clue #21: Joy and magic fills the air on Christmas, this is certain

So now go check behind a window _________ (curtain)

Clue #22: Near the chimney your grandpa on his chair is rocking

Next to him, check where you hang your ___________ (Stocking)

Clue #23: Hard work every Christmas for the elves, there’s a lot to handle.

You’d better light your way to your goal with a ____________ (candle)

Clue #24: Being on the naughty list is when you swear and curse

Look for your next clue under your mom’s _______________ (purse)

Clue #25: On Christmas eve, the children are tucked in bed, pleasant and snug

Your next clue is under the covering also known as a ___________ (jug)

Clue #26: The elves worked hard to craft amazing toys despite all the rules

No need for our nails and hammer, but you’d better check where we keep our ________ (tools)

Clue #27: Don’t stop! Keep going! Don’t give up hope!

Keep it healthy, keep your good thoughts, look where we put our __________ (dope)

Clue #28: To finish his gifts all in one night, Santa has to have a well-thought out plan

Working hard he may get hot, so check for your clue near a cooling __________ (fan)

Clue #29: Gold and Silver, the tall Christmas tree looks pearlesque

Look at it, admire it! But keep looking under your ____________ (desk)

Clue #30: Santa’s hardest workers are the elves, there’s no replacement

they can never work in a place like your ______________ (basement)

Clue #31: To do this hide-and-seek hunt, you don’t need a stapler

Just leave everything in your hand and go to where we put the toilet __________ (paper)

Clue #32: In the North Pole at Santa’s house, mails cover his entourage

Your next clue is found somewhere messy. Go look in the _____________ (garage)

Clue #33: You’re getting close and the stack of clues is getting larger and larger

Keep going! Find the next one near the phone ___________ (charger)

Clue #34: Santa was here, the cookies are gone, the milk- he drank it

I’m sure he passed after you have cozied under your warm _____________ (blanket)

Clue #35: Santa came down the chimney, left the gifts and had a good chocolate taste

Your next stop will be where you put your toothbrush and _______________ (toothpaste)

Clue #36: Christmas is about being nice. Being naughty is something Santa can’t bear

Think of your grandpa’s best sitting place and look under his ______________ (chair)

Clue #37: The Grinch is considered to be at first a grumpy guy – a thief and vandal

No need to steal anything, search for your next clue under your mom’s _______________ (sandal)

Clue #38: Santa comes on a sleigh, not in a train or a boat

your next clue can be found in the pocket of a hanging __________ (coat)

Clue #39: Santa enjoys calling each reindeer by his name

Now go look behind a picture ____________ (frame)

Clue #40: All the reindeers are loved, but Rudolph has most of the fans

Now hurry up and look behind in the pots and _____ (pans)

Clue #41: Christmas Holidays are all about gathering family and friends

You want your next clue? Search where we put our pencils and _________ (pens)

Clue #42: Everyone on Christmas eve except Santa has to knock

He’s a silent visitor, so your clue might be behind the _______ (clock)

Clue #43: Poor Rudolph. All the other reindeers laughed and called him names

He would enjoy playing with you, go look near your board_______ (games)

Clue #44: To keep Santa satisfied from you, you cannot be a grouch

Try to look behind a cushion under your comfy _________ (couch)

Clue #45: Santa drives his sleigh, thanks to Rudolph, all straight and stable

Don’t get lost, go left, go right, check under the kitchen ____________(table)

Clue #46: Don’t give up! Keep going! there’s a lot more

Go straight to your house entrance, check your front __________ (door)

Clue #47: The traditional Christmas tree is all about gold, green and red

Go to one of the room and check for your next clue under a __________ (bed)

Clue #48: I know it’s taking too long, out don’t try to bail

I’m sure you’re anxious now, get some fresh air while checking the _______ (mail)

Clue #49: Is it snowing? You’re cold? Ok, come inside

But first, check in the car you ____________ (ride)

Clue #50: Scrooge is known for being cold-hearted, no money for Christmas and no hug

Feel warm and cozy with a hot chocolate cup, better be poured in a _______ (mug)

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You’ve been anxiously looking for your gift for a while now, there’s nothing in sight.
Ok, look under your Christmas tree and remember Santa’s farewell words: “To all a good night”

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