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Whenever there’s a special event, unfortunately something “has” to go wrong, whether it’s easily repaired, or takes energy and time to fix. Each Christmas, something unusual happens; either the oven doesn’t heat up, or a platter is dropped on the floor by accident, or some of the family members feel hungry before dinner is ready and the nagging begins… and so on. Here are some of what happened throughout my Christmases that might also happen with any of you. It’s funny to talk about it now, but at the time, some events were upsetting:

1- Family members are late to arrive; the food gets cold; the others are frustrated; we are all starving.

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2- The oven is broken: Once, my mom was so mad when the oven wasn’t heating up, we had to calm her down and cook the chicken in our neighbor’s oven. You’re lucky if you have good and friendly neighbors.

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3- The power goes out and the generator doesn’t work: sometimes, out of nowhere, this happens. And since no technicians work on Christmas eve, you will have a cozy Christmas dinner a la chandelle.

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4- Every family has “a Grinch”: who refuses to wake up on time on Christmas day, or declines from turning off the TV; at least lower the volume!

5- The family pet is the first who gets to eat: Don’t underestimate your dog (or cat), knowing that you’re busy preparing , he might be tempted by the delicious meat on the table. You’ll end up eating only the entrees. Mr. pet, just don’t touch the dessert.

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6- Wearing the same sweater as your cousin: Christmas sweaters are an interesting tradition as long as it doesn’t turn out to be a costume. I don’t usually wear one, but if I have to, I prefer wearing it in style… uniquely.

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7- Forgetting a gift: The whole family is offering their gifts to each other, you are excited about it, until you realize you forgot all about your aunt. What to do, what to say! I don’t envy you. You can just tell her that you got her a personalized gift and it’s still in the mail. That would be a good excuse.

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8- Have lipstick traces on your cheeks: Aunt Clara insists on kissing me three times, leaving traces of her Christmassy long-lasting red lipstick on my cheeks. I’m planning to get her this Christmas some lipstick which can easily be removed from my skin.

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9- Uncle John gets drunk earlier than usual: On Christmas, holiday (alcoholic) drinks complete the fun of the gathering. By drinking, I don’t mean getting wasted before dinner! Hold you grips Uncle John, the night is still young.

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10- Questioning your relationship status: You’re enjoying being with the whole family. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, your mother makes a joke out of your relationship status and the others brag about it. When in the world did my life status become the talk of the town? There are many other subjects to gossip about.

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11- Christmas cookies addiction: Mom cooks all kinds of delicious Christmas cookies, yummy! You can’t resist getting overdosed over it, whether it was before dinner (or Christmas lunch) or after dinner with a stuffed stomach; your appetite can’t have enough of those succulent cookies.

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12- Exaggerating in Christmas games: Sometimes you get carried away while playing those traditional Christmas games, or you might be the kind of person who hates defeat, so you end up ruining the game … and the friendly atmosphere.

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13- Mistletoe busted: Mistletoes should not be hung when there are people you hate in the place. Imagine the rest.

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14- Santa isn’t real: Santa IS real … if he goes to the mall and buys me my gift ?. Always keep in mind that there are kids who are still living the “Santa” dream. So please, keep your beliefs to yourself and watch your tongue; don’t traumatize them by saying Santa isn’t real. Wish I never knew that he doesn’t exist, I would have enjoyed Christmas more.

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15- Your pet pulls down the tree and the ornaments, or tears the gift wrapping: your dog or cat can ruin your Christmas, so always keep them far from the tree or from any decoration, and definitely from the gifts. You don’t want to end up spending Christmas cleaning and decorating all over again, or with torn gifts wrapping under the tree.

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16- Getting ugly gifts is ugh, but pretending to like them is even worse, especially if you’re the type who can’t hide their emotions. Good luck with that!

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17- Posting Christmas family pictures on social media: I love taking photos, but I do it for the memories, not to post it on social media and show the whole world how happy we are, ok family social media geeks?

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18- Getting worn out at 10 pm: Each year, I try to stay awake till 12 midnight to feel the joy of Christmas eve, but my brain fails me and my eyes start shutting down at 10 pm after a long day of preparations or last-minute gift shopping, not to mention the traffic jam we get stuck in on our way home. An advice? Take at least a power nap in the afternoon to stay awake a little longer, and don’t go last -minute gift shopping.

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19- Some gifts lack name tags: All the gifts are gathered around the tree holding “from/to” tags. Having gifts without names leave the whole family wondering who got it. Don’t you want to hear a “thank you” on your shopping efforts.

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20- End up with a burnt turkey: Christmas is all about chaotic but warm ambience and that makes it special. But please, don’t forget the turkey in the oven, you’ll end up with no traditional meal and a burnt smell in the house for few days.

21- You’re left with Christmas nuts and wrapped chocolate bites after the holiday season: On Christmas, we decorate a basket of assorted nuts, and buy wrapped chocolate bites with Christmas baubles to offer to the family upon their visit. But what if too much is left after the holiday season is over! Hello temptation. Enjoy the calories.

Hoping you won’t experience any of this on your Christmas eve or on Christmas day, I wish you a great one!


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