11 Old Wives’ Tales That Might Ruin Your Tuft

11 Old Wives’ Tales That Might Ruin Your Tuft

“A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one. ”   

  1. Trim Your Hair, It Will Grow Longer and Faster!
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Hair stylists advise women to trim their hair if they wish it to grow faster.  Get rid of this inexplicable myth and have patience.  Your hair might get stronger but won’t grow faster unless your diet is healthy.

2. Don’t Use Oils On Oily Hair

All kinds of hair need nourishing oils, depending on the way it’s applied.  It shouldn’t touch the scalp.  Start from the middle to the bottom.  Don’t comb it immediately after spreading the oil.

3. Your Hair Gets Used to the Shampoo

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I used the same shampoo for at least five years.  I noticed my hair was becoming weaker and thinner, falling out every time I showered.  Your hair needs can change.  It’s time to match your current hair to your new system.

4. Stress turns your hair Grey!

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No way! If that was true, we’d all be grey by high school, and all med students would only have grey hair. 

5. A Last Cold Water Rinse Shines Your Hair

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Cold Water will definitely wake you up, but it surely won’t help your cuticles.  So that’s totally a lie.  Use a conditioner or have a glossing treatment at the salon to give a better reflection to your hair.

6. Color Sticks Better on Dirty Hair

No, it doesn’t.  In fact, if you your hair is not free from conditioners and sprays, the color won’t stick.  So it’s best if you wash your hair the night before without applying anything but shampoo on it.  The color will stick perfectly the next day.

7. Brushing Your Hair 100 Strokes Everyday to Make it Grow Longer

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This won’t make it healthy.  It will damage your hair, especially if it’s thin, and will lead to breakage. Not a good idea!

8. Dirty Hair Grows Faster

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We all dream of having a long hair, so we try anything that make it grown an inch.  In fact, that’s not true!  Dirt and conditioners clog the follicles thus limiting hair growth.  

9. Pulling Out a Grey Hair Leads to the Growth of More Grey Hair

Every time my grandmother pulled a grey hair from her scalp, she used to tell me she will have more grey hair now.  Nevertheless, it’s best to avoid putting stress on the scalp and the follicle.

10. Air-Dry is Better Than Blow-Dry

While some may tell you it’s better to keep your hair wet until it dries than using a blow dry, it’s somehow untrue.  When exposed to water for a long time, the routes of the hair may swell hence get damaged in the long-run.  So forget sleeping with wet hair.

11. Dry your Hair with a Towel

Rubbing your hair with a towel certainly helps the water dry faster.  But the problem is, you will be breaking the fragile hairs and taking off their moisture. You wouldn’t want this.  Softly squeeze your hair with a towel, then for the extra water, use a wide-tooth comb.

12. Daily Pony Hair and Braids Are Stylish

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I totally agree!  However, continuous tension on hair that is pulled tight can cause breakage that leaves hair thinner, damaged or weakened.  Pony tail your hair, that’s fine, but loosen it from time to time. Try a soft lift that leaves loose bits dangling.

I try to take good care of my hair by following these hacks. I know it is an important part of my appearance, and it definitely boosts my morale when i look in the mirror and see how beautiful my hair is. But unfortunately, it is falling off and I’m trying my best to keep it in place.

Any suggestions?

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