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Your Engagement Ceremony Checklist

Your Engagement Ceremony Checklist

The engagement party is a celebration for the newly engaged where they formally announce the news. It’s usually simple and sentimental. Some don’t believe in the process of engagement (especially if they are getting married soon) and don’t consider it a necessary “prerequisite” for marriage. They can throw a small party for family and close friends. But if they are “extroverts”, they celebrate big. The whole engagement party is traditionally hosted by the bride’s parents.

I had the chance to get invited to the engagement party of a very dear member of my family. It was amazing, especially that the couple are genuinely in love. Only close family were invited, everything was perfect. This is why I love to share with you some ideas I recently picked up.


What matters is the bride and groom’s agreement on marriage, but the father of the bride’s blessing is also essential. Some might consider it offensive if their consent is not sought by the groom.

The engagement process differs from one area of the world to another. For instance, in some cultures, parents of the groom first visit the bride’s parents, and the latter should return the visit. Later, the groom pays a formal visit to the bride’s parents accompanied by his parents to officially ask for her hand. The bride’s parents get some chocolate and other sweets. Juice and champagne are also served.


I like to make lists, and I love to share it with you. However is the engagement party, without a list, you will most probably miss something. Whether it’s a small celebration or a big party, those essential steps are needed to complete the joy of the ring on your finger.

Before heading to the party, the groom sends a bouquet of red roses to the bride’s house with a love letter (it’s optional for his parents to send flowers too). The bride awaits the groom and his parents at her house.

The attire is usually formal, and the dining table is decorated with flowers, covered with a white nap… white because it symbolizes purity and innocence.

On the table, chocolate bites and other amuse-bouche sweets are served.

The rings are worn either at home before they head out to the ceremony, or before cutting the cake at the party.

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Gifts from the invitees can be presented to the bride after the engaged couple wear their rings.

Here’s everything you need to know to organize a simple yet elegant engagement party:

1- Clothes:

First thing the bride worries about is her dress and her mother’s (and sisters if any). Depending on your style, both a simple maxi dress or a cute short robe would do the job.

2- Make up and hair:

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Second important issue to take care of is choosing the right place for the hair and the makeup. If the party is simple, you can do this at home.

3- Bridal gift:

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Tradition says the groom gets his bride-to-be a diamond ring to put on her finger. His parents usually get her some jewelry. Any other invitee getting a gift would be nice.

4- Choose the place:

It can be a restaurant who takes care of the food, drinks, and setup of the tables. Or it can be in your backyard or any other garden. And here starts all the planning and hard work.

5- Fix a Variable Menu:

If your party is in the backyard of your house, you have to consider a caterer. Your mother can cook at home, but I guess she will be busy helping you with other preparations.

6- Tableware:

Is your party in the garden? You should start preparing the different flatware and service ware.

7- Flowers:

With flowers come vases and veils. You can put one in the middle of each table, whether it was in your garden or in a restaurant. The table where the cake is placed should definitely be decorated with flowers too.

8-The Cake:

There are many options for the cake, but the most common color is usually white with some pastel light colors, so elegant and chic. This depends on your style and taste.

9- Balloons:

A panel can be placed behind the cake table with the couple’s names engraved in a stylish manner. Large set of gathered decorated balloons are usually set around that table to make it more special.

10- Lighting:

If your engagement party is in the garden, it’s best if you add more lighting, especially for the clearness of the pictures. If it’s in a restaurant, no need to worry about it unless the place is dim.

11- Photographer:

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We all know the photographer is one of the most important persons in the engagement party… in fact, anywhere we go, especially for the bride. Pictures are all that remain as memories, and we love memories.

12- Music:

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If the restaurant can’t provide the music, or if your party is in your backyard, you have to choose your playlist or get a DJ. Even if it’s not for dancing, music is crucial in any celebration.

13- Drinks:

Besides all kinds of soft (and alcoholic) drinks, a bottle of champagne is opened by the engaged couple and is served to the guests when the cake is cut.

14- Fireworks:

It is not a must, but it adds some exhilaration to the party.

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15- Parade:

On the engagement party that I was invited to, a parade was a surprise gift from the made of honor. It was a nice one as it added good vibes and people were dancing joyfully. There are special companies which provide musicians for any occasion. With their instruments, they add some spice to the ambiance.

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You can skip most of these steps and just throw a simple party for close family at home. The most important thing is the happiness of the bride and groom.

All the best guys!

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