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71 Things Men Unintentionally Do That Are Hot AF

71 Things Men Unintentionally Do That Are Hot AF

Guys, don’t you ever wonder how and why women get attracted to you?

First thing you need to know if that men who don’t put an effort to impress women look a lot hotter for acting unintentionally. And when this happens… we melt! We try to turn our head away and avoid eye contact to avoid the fantasies running in our head at this same moment, but we just cannot but stare … and dream.

Guys, don’t go too far with your thoughts; the impressive things women find in you may sometimes be silly gestures or randomly little actions, but it darn turns them on.

So, are you curious to know the little things you do which impress a woman (and other guys) and turn them on? (drums rolling)

1- A man who doesn’t know he’s attractive.

Women generally avoid “Kanye West” kind of men.

2- A confident man.

Wow! Confidence is power, and a strong personality captivates her, unless she prefers her man to be the submissive type.

3- Randomly unbuttoning and rolling up your sleeves.

But not too high, remember, you’re not preparing yourself to clean (although this can also be sexy), and not to fight either.

4- Playing with a child.

You look super adorable when you let a child have his way with you. So caring!

Kids Omg GIF by The Drew Barrymore Show - Find & Share on GIPHY

5- Giving her your coat when she’s cold without asking for it.

The fact that she mentioned that she’s cold, she’s waiting for you to offer her your jacket hoping you won’t fail the test.

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6- Cooking her dinner.

If you invite her to your house and you prepare dinner yourself, she will definitely appreciate all the fuss you went through to treat her special.

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7- Doing labor work at her house.

A handy man dominates a woman’s brain when he completes some chores for her or makes some repairs at her house. Guys, she will always remember you every time she uses the item you fixed.

8- Peeking at her.

How can she not find you hot when she feels your eyes following her around the place and discretely staring at her whenever she’s looking away. “I desire you” is all she hears.

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9- Smiling at a joke that she told.

How cute will you look when you shyly smile at a joke that she privately said. Shy men are so cute and so desired by women.

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10- Acting weird with some guy when you are jealous.

When you notice that some guy is staring at your woman from the other side of the room, you inattentively wrap your arm around her waist and stand next to her to mark your territory in front of the other guy and show everyone that she is yours. How adorable is that!

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11- Carrying the heavy stuff for her.

If a guy approaches me with this chivalrous behavior, he will get all my attention.

12- Not letting her leave after spending hours together.

You didn’t have enough of her, you’re asking her to stay, and she loves it every time you grab her to stay, even when she has no time.

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13- The way you grab her waist and pull her slowly towards you.

These intimate gestures take her to the stars.

14- Walking on the side of the road to keep her safe.

You surely care about her safety, and this is so tender!

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15- Helping kids or old people randomly.

Smooshy! Being respectful to everyone regardless of their age and gender also reveals your emotional and sensitive side, which women find so attractive.

16- Getting in rage when someone makes her nervous.

You are being protective, but don’t do it in a creepy way. She feels secure when you take her side regardless of who is right.

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17- Getting her coffee the way she likes it on some random day.

It’s like WOW! God must have been eating sweets when he created you.

18- Watching together her favorite movie.

“The Notebook” or “Bridget Jones’ Diary” to keep her company even if you’re not a fan … Exceptional!

19- Running your hand through your soft hair when you’re thinking or if you’re shy.

20- Tipping generously.

That’s so thoughtful. Is it hot? Yesss man.

“All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they are not all the same.”

Marilyn Monroe

21- Loosening the tie of your elegant blue-black suit.

This is so inviting. The thought of it makes me blush!

22- Knowing where to take her on a date or ordering her best delivery food for a night in.

23- Making eye contact with her.

This reveals your strong self-confidence which she finds so sexy.

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24- Being humble is one of the best characteristics in a man.

Who appreciates arrogance!

25- Dressing appropriately.

Knowing what to wear in the perfect time at the perfect place proves how much you take good care of yourself. You’ll be her “Italian Stallion.”

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26- Fixing all your attention on her ignoring other women around.

27- Placing your hand on her lower back to lead the way.

The electricity that will run all over her body from head to toe is exceptional.

28- Driving with your elbow outside the window.

It might sound flamboyant, but in fact it’s engaging, especially if you’re wearing a white shirt and driving confidently.

29- Extending your arm on the back of her chair.

Ok, she got your message, and if she’s interested, be sure to see her eyes shining and a smile drawn on her lips.

30- Taking off your shirt from the back with one hand by pulling it over your head with your fingers.

Hot hot hot.

31- Helping her with her coat.

It is surely a gallant move.

32- Showing physical strength.

33- Listening to her attentively.

What would she want more than a man listening to her problems and supporting them (I don’t envy you).

34- Offering your seat to a lady or old people.

Beyond gorgeous!

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35- Holding a puppy.

Do you have a paper heart or what!

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36- Reading a book or a newspaper in public.

I’d watch you for a whole day having your coffee on a small table in a cafe reading your book and NOT surfing your phone or sending text messages.

37- The way you hold your drink, and what kind of drink you order.

Believe it or not, this attitude captivates her.

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38- Squeezing her hand randomly in public.

Are you trying to thrill her? Gotcha!

39- Your unintentional sexy voice in the morning the minute you wake up.

40- Looking at her softly and giving her that lustful one-sided smile.

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41- Ordering her the drink.

I like my date to take the lead in ordering the drink he finds suitable for our dinner. I find this so powerful and exciting.

42- Working out.

Women appreciate men who take care of their looks. But watch out, there’s a thin line between squeezing time in your schedule for workout and making this your priority, which might lead to toxic masculinity.

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43- Keeping a picture of her on your phone.

44- Good manners count for women.

Being courteous is one of the characteristics that a woman looks for in a man. At least I do.

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45- Calling her by her name.

It might sound a cliche, but women really like to hear you call out their name.

46- Some men are so attractive in eyeglasses.

How cute is he!

47- The smell of the shampoo coming out of your hair.

Not to mention your aphrodisiac perfume.

48- Having a strong general knowledge in all subjects.

49 – Wearing a plain black or white t-shirt.

Don’t ask me why, but it looks so sexy.

50- The few grey hair she finds on your head.

Call it a sign of maturity, and maturity attracts women.

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51- Speaking several languages.

52- A wise man is always charming.

53- Blushing.

Don’t take it as a sign of weakness. By blushing, you give a chance to the woman to make her move. It gives her power and makes her feel special.

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54- Stretching out when you first get out of bed.

55- The glow in your eyes which becomes smaller when you’re discretely laughing.

56- And biting your upper lip.

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57- The dimples on your cheeks.

If you have dimples you must have a cute look.

58- Being in full control of the clutch of your car with a hand fixed on the gear.

The sound of the engine you’re steering is so sexy.

59- Walking around with sweatpants with a well-built body.


60- Touching your beard.

61- Leaning forward when you’re talking to her.

“Being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone else just be yourself.”

62- And being calm during a conversation using a low voice.

63- Your ability to banter.

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64- A special tattoo might be sexy on you and attractive for her.

65- Your natural accent.

It’s not fair for some, but it’s a plus for others. Men who have it know what I’m talking about.

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66- Being nice to her family.

67- Ignoring your phone when you’re with her.

68- Not to forget the suit, it drives women crazy.

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69- Calling her or sending her a message randomly to show her you’re thinking of her.

70- But having a deep voice… epic!

So gents, now that I revealed what attracts women in a man, don’t do these things on purpose to let them like you. They will eventually know the real you, and it won’t turn out well. Just be yourself, but take these things into consideration. Don’t plan for it, just let it be.

71- Driving with one hand diagonally

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