Here’s the Best Way to Break Up With Someone Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Here’s the Best Way to Break Up With Someone Based on Their Zodiac Sign

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

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Say what you need to say, turn around and leave

Aries, you’re the baby of the zodiac signs. For you, once it’s over, it’s over. You try to continue your life as if nothing happened. You are not malicious, you just feel some kind of insecurity when you are first hit with the bad news. You put some extra effort to get yourself busier than usual to forget, and it usually works. Once you’re out of the relationship, and because you are the optimistic type, you seek a fresh start in no time.

You’re planning to break up with your Aries partner? Here’s the best way to to do it:

  • Make it quick, your Aries partner doesn’t like to waste their time. They can handle a breakup. Once it’s over, it’s over.
  • Expect an outbreak, no matter how you hit them with the news. So be ready to get the blame.
  • Your Aries partner is like baby. They don’t like to be dumped, they prefer to dump, so don’t be a tweak and make them feel they lost.
  • It’s OK to break your ego for a while. Let the reason for breakup be you and not them. Make it about you and your needs.
  • Before saying it, throw hints, they will initiate the rest. They value courtesy.
  • Don’t worry, once they get convinced, they forgive and forget the breakup quickly.
  • Don’t expect them to like it. But be quite sure they will get over it in no time.
  • Prepare to gain a new friend, they are most likely to part on amicable terms, that is if your breakup goes smoothly.
  • Refrain yourself from seeing anyone else before breaking up with them, or else… excuse my language… you’re screwed.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

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If you’re waiting for them to pop up the news, forget it!

Taurus, you are so romantic. Your worst nightmare is to change your routine. Before or after breakup, your life pattern remains the same. You stick to a long relationship. It’s very hard for you to let go, but you know, sometimes you should.

So, how to breakup with your Taurean partner? Read carefully:

  • Plan a strategic breakup as if you’re preparing for a treasure hunt. Taureans don’t handle breakups well.
  • They love routine, they hate change. Don’t expect them to absorb the bad news easily and just leave you alone.
  • They will ignore your decision and will fight to stay in the relationship, so do it with patience and sensitivity.
  • Give them backed up reasons to why you want to breakup. They are stubborn and will try to prove to you that you are taking the wrong decision.
  • Enrich your breakup speech with reasonable facts. Help them build an idea of how both your lives will be better apart. Convince them how happy it is sometimes to have the toilet for themselves, how comfy to sleep diagonally in bed.
  • Once the breakup news is absorbed, keep in mind that there’s no way back. So if you’re hesitated, forget it.
  • Warning: Taureans hate betrayal. Under such circumstances, even though they don’t initiate the breakup, they will not only be filled with unreasonable persistence, you will also witness the fires of the bull.
  • Once you set your mind to leave a Taurean, you can’t get out quickly. You need to give them hints before the D-day so that they start getting used to the idea.

For Every Girl With a Broken Heart, There’s a Boy With a Glue Gun

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

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Be sure to take the day off; a long speech is awaiting you

How can you have such a difference in your two personalities? Once you find comfort in a relationship, you stay away from change. But once you’re out, there’s no way back. It’s never your mistake that the relationship didn’t work out. To get over your breakup, you communicate about it whenever you can.

So, Mr./Ms. Gemini’s partner, here’s the best way to proceed for breakup:

  • Unlike Aries, breaking up with a Gemini requires a long talk. Consider yourself in a therapy session. You can’t just hit and run.
  • Be viciously straightforward, Gemini will make your life miserable if they find out you’re lying.
  • Being a curious sign, Gemini needs a thorough explanation of why you’re breaking up with them.
  • Answer all their questions honestly.
  • Typically, if a Gemini finds your decision reasonable, they are not likely to maintain hard feelings for you. But don’t expect to see them again.
  • If they ghost you after a breakup, it’s because they hate confrontation. They are not mean in nature.
  • Once Gemini absorbs your rationale behind the breakup, and become convinced that your relationship is now boring and meaningless, you have their consent.
  • Geminis are attention seekers. So give them a exciting breakup story.
  • Expect to be the talk of the town. They will talk about the breakup whenever they have the chance; they need to talk about it.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

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If you’ve been in a relationship with a Cancer for 2 months, you need 5 months to break up

Guys, prepare to have some trouble finding tissues in grocery stores. Cancer, you are a crying baby, you are so sensitive, you deeply fall in love. You are defined by your sadness. Once you get attached, it’s hard for you to let go. You go over the moment again and again to try to understand what went wrong. You will remember your partner’s smell and cry yourself out for weeks.

My advice on how to break up with your Cancer partner? Here it is:

  • Don’t drop the bomb over a text message. They need all the time in the world.
  • Even if you’re breaking up with them, tell them how important they were to your heart.
  • Give them details of your reason for break up. Yes, prepare yourself for much, too much effort.
  • Take it step by step, treat them like a child.
  • Don’t expect them to become your friend right away; give them some time to process the bad news.
  • They won’t let you go easily, so be patient.
  • You might see them around after ending your relationship. Don’t be surprised to bump into them wherever you go.
  • Be sure of yourself before breaking up. And once the breakup is done, don’t even think of coming back to check on them.
  • Give them the reason why you can’t be with them anymore. But keep in mind that you should always mention that your relationship wasn’t meaningless. They love hearing that.
  • Be gentle and emotional. Hug them before you leave.
  • Make sure to be somewhere private where your Cancer partner can cry. Their worst feeling is to feel insecure.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

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It’s not you, it’s me”

Watch out for a Leo’s ego. How can Marie-Antoinette be dumped! You should be the one dumping. But be dumped? Never! It’s never your fault. Your pride is your priority. Oh! It’s a shock to you, how can someone lose interest in you?

Leo’s partner, follow my lead for safety measures (wink):

  • If you really want to get out of the relationship safe and sound, forget about your ego and tell them it’s your fault, or else, watch our for your head from flying shoes or maybe lamps.
  • Take them somewhere they like. Tell them they were your “Belle” before breaking the bad news.
  • Give them a heart-to-heart reason like: “it’s not you, we just don’t match together.” Please… careful… their ego! In any case, you won’t mind behaving like that since you must be the submissive type to get hitched with a Leo in the first place.
  • Even if it’s not your nature and if you don’t want to hurt their feelings, it’s better if they feel your guilt, cause they will be coming down on you.
  • Remind them of their good qualities when breaking up… if there was any hehe.
  • Try to do it in a private setting to protect the Leo’s ego.
  • Alert: After you breakup, don’t be surprised to read some bad news about you on social media, or even more, always check your car before starting it.
  • If you see your ex-Leo partner wearing black in the few days proceeding the breakup, don’t be surprised.
  • Leos don’t breakup well, so all I can tell you is Good Luck!

VIRGO (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

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Have a calculator when you announce the bad news.

Virgos, why do you exhaust your brain by analyzing that much? You really calculate and reason things as much as possible. But this can be helpful to you as you can sense when a breakup is coming your way. You do everything by the book. Your mind works mathematically. You avoid conflict as much as you can.

So, you want to breakup with your Einstein partner? You should know this:

  • Virgos hate surprises. So before breaking the news, throw them hints about the difficulty of the conversation. Give them time to get mentally prepared.
  • Since they calculate and analyze everything, you need an appointment for the break up.
  • You might as well prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the pros and cons of the break up.
  • Illustrate what’s malfunctioning in your relationship, this will make it easier for them to let go.
  • Give them space to process the bad news.
  • Make sure your breakup comes in a conversation mode. Keep it simple.
  • A post-breakup is also advisable. Prepare your ex-to_be Virgo psychologically.
  • Don’t show them that you regret ever being in a relationship with them.
  • Virgos feel bad if they sense that they are the reason for the relationship’s failure. So don’t be rude and leave them with these doubts.
  • If you don’t aim to hurt them, talk about their qualities, this will lead to a future successful relationship after much calculation and reasoning from their part.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

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These charmers will hypnotize you and manipulate you into changing your mind

Gather up your efforts, Libras are really hard to dump. Libras, you hate to be single. Breakups don’t exist in your dictionary. You will work all your senses and all your guts to keep the relationship going. But the moment you absorb that it’s really over, your partner shouldn’t be surprised if they bumped into you right after the breakup… accompanied.

So, you still want to try breaking up with your Libra partner? Get this:

  • Be firm and fair.
  • Insist on the breakup. Don’t get fooled by their temptations to make you stay.
  • Disappear after the breakup. It’s better for both of you.
  • Show them your gratitude for the things they offered you during your relationship.
  • Keep your boundaries after the breakup. Being friends is off the list for a while.
  • Give a Libra reasonable causes for breaking up. Tell them you’re doing this for your sake and theirs.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

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Scorpios will ignore you for the rest of your life. So… You’d better hit and Run.

As bitter as the most bitter thing on earth, Mr. Scorpio, you will step on your partner after they declare the breakup and continue your way as if nothing happened. No surprise if you block them on social media and forget their phone number.

As poisonous as the Scorpio’s sting, here’s a hint of how to TRY to break up with them:

  • The sooner the better. Break up as soon as you feel it.
  • Be honest and straight to the point.
  • Prepare yourself to get roasted. It’s not going to be easy. You should have thought twice before getting into a relationship with a Scorpio.
  • Expect a revenge if you’ve betrayed them. So book your flight to the farthest island after the breakup until things cool down with your ex-Scorpio.
  • Don’t try to ghost them. They will suck the life out of you.
  • They never forget the way you made them feel, so Good Luck if you’re in a passive relationship with a Scorpio.
  • Be wise, plan your breakup.
  • Don’t be surprised if you see them hanging out with your close friends, or even sleeping around with them.
  • If you’re not sure of the breakup, don’t even mention it.

I Hope You Step On a Lego

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

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Be blunt to the drama queen

Sagittarians, you prefer hurting others than showing your suffering. Therefore, you shoot arrows straight to their heart to defend your sensitive feelings. And if you’re ever in the possession of a weapon… your future ex should run for their life. But you later regret your random attitude. Once your ego is hurt, hello Revenge!

How to break up with your James Bond Sagittarius partner:

  • Just tell them you want out of the relationship. They will sleep with your close friends anyway.
  • Explain to them that you’re not compatible anymore.
  • Be honest to them. But expect to get a more honest backlash.
  • Once they absorb the news, don’t worry about them, they will just turn their backs and continue their life as if nothing was.
  • If you want to stay friends, reveal it.
  • You can ease the negative effect of the news by reminding your Sagittarius partner of the interesting life waiting for them after the breakup.
  • Don’t cuddle them or show them empathy.
  • But don’t let them feel that you’re happy about your decision.
  • Sagittarians hate being in a weak position. If you want to have a smooth breakup, don’t hurt their ego.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

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You are so screwed

Capricorns, your best revenge is living well. When you date, you plan for a long relationship, so you hate your partner for ruining your long term plans. You are not the “play around” type. Caps, you are usually practical and somehow unemotional. Your ego comes first. Caps’ partner, don’t worry about them, in few weeks, they will be posting selfies about themselves to make you feel jealous.

What about the way to break up with your Jason Bourne:

  • You have to plan your breakup.
  • Expect them to try to convince you not to leave as Caps are known to savor their prepared plans.
  • Make sure to involve gratitude in your breakup speech even if it wasn’t the case, that is if you want to part on good terms.
  • Since Capricorns are practical and mathematical, they expect you to be mature about the breakup. So be responsible with your actions.
  • Don’t tell them your relationship was a waste of time. They hate wasting their time and will hate you for the rest of their life.
  • Don’t try to prove them wrong. Forget about blaming them for a bad relationship.
  • Expect to hear that they were doing the best there is.
  • If you want a smooth breakup, rationalize with them, convince them that feelings can change and this is something that can’t be fixed.
  • Come up with a financial and living plan to sort things out.
  • Return their belongings as soon as you can.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

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Take the day off when you decide to break up, you’re going to need it all

Aquarians, you hate being dumped. You despise being single. You like to be taken care of… all the time. You guard your heart very carefully. You will do your best to make your partner change their mind with your intelligent tactics as you are the most optimist among the signs. Mr. Partner, if you really want to get out of the relationship… your loss!

You still haven’t changed your mind about the breakup? Go on then, read what’s next:

  • Prepare what you have to say, plan ahead of time.
  • Have a valid reason to defend your breakup , your “Princess Anna” will talk you over to change your mind.
  • If you insist on breaking up, you should stick to your gun.
  • Give them valid reasons for the breakup. Prepare yourself for war.
  • Show them you respect their point of view. But make sure they respect yours.
  • Be patient with your “Aquaman”. They need time to process the whole thing.
  • Once they absorb the new changes in their life, they might freeze you out. Don’t be surprised to find them hooked up in another relationship in no time.
  • If they find the breakup a good idea, you can become friends.

PISCES (Feb. 19—March 20)

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You are dealing with a sac of emotions

Cut the crap, Pisceans, you are the Romeo romantic, how can you possibly deal with breakups without any damage. Pisces’ partner, you’d better have a box of tissues. A bucket of Oreo ice cream will do the trick to lower their depression level.

So, here’s how to cut it off with “Pocahontas:”

  • Be gentle.
  • Write them a long letter explaining your rational reasons for the breakup. Make sure to give it to them in person.
  • The Fishes don’t like conflicts. Don’t confront them bluntly. I’m warning you, you’re going to see them curled around themselves on the floor drowned in their tears.
  • Forget about vanishing after the breakup. Fairy-tale Pisceans keep the communication open between you two for support.
  • Be ready to give the slightest details to why your relationship didn’t work.
  • If you meet again for few times as friends, they will be off to meet their rebound.
  • Even if your Piscean partner feels you’re about to dump them, they will pay no mind to it, maybe, just maybe you will change your mind… They live in denial for a while.
  • But don’t worry, Pisceans will eventually understand the game and will find themselves a new love story.

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