Signs You’re Living a Toxic Friendship

We all Crave Social Interaction From the day we open our eyes to life, we all look for a close friend to hang out and share our secrets with.  In early age, we have this special companion who shares our toys, split our meals, and nap with us.  Throughout life, we make new friends.  But people change every day, for […]

Here’s How to Define a Man from His Drink

Were you ever in a bar enjoying your drink when you spot a man across the place interestingly attractive, and suddenly imagined yourself laying in bed with him or standing next to him in a white dress at the altar?  Wait!     Stop right there! Rewind! Wake up woman!  You need to have at least a slight idea about his character […]

11 Red Flags You Should Not Ignore in Your Relationship

Most of us usually have several relationships in our lifetime.  Experience grows with each relationship we explore.  The first is usually the hardest as we lack experience, but generally it affects our behavior in future relationships whether it be the best or the worst. When you’re on a first date, the first impression is the paramount.  You take into consideration […]

5 Signs That You’ve fallen for a Bipolar

While some say it’s not a severe case, living with a bipolar person tends to profoundly impact your life.  It’s a manic depression marked by sudden shifts in mood.   If you’re in a relationship with a bipolar, it will be more likely that he won’t be able to maintain his relationship with you in some cases, as he might have […]

Why Should You Be Satisfied with Your Body?

We’ve all been through the obsession of dieting at some point in our life.  We’ve all dreamed to have hot bodies like those perfect pictures we see on social media.  If one diet isn’t the solution for loosing few kilos, we keep on trying one diet after the other till we depress when the number on our scale fails us. […]

Nail Biting is More than Just a Bad Habit

Nail Biting is an involuntary act most of us do while watching a thriller or horror movie, or during stress or anxiety.  The habit is certainly a common struggle. We don’t start biting our nails all of a sudden.  It usually starts from childhood and grows with us. We know we look bad, but that doesn’t seem to stop us. […]

11 Old Wives’ Tales That Might Ruin Your Tuft

“A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one. ”    Lycurgus Trim Your Hair, It Will Grow Longer and Faster! Hair stylists advise women to trim their hair if they wish it to grow faster.  Get rid of this inexplicable myth and have patience.  Your hair might get stronger but won’t grow […]

Do You Think You Know the Type of Your Skin?

” You’re never too old to become younger.”     Mae West I always admired shiny and well treated skin on other women, and I knew this didn’t come with no effort.  I often thought that such a flawless skin needed loads of care and time. Before learning the consequences of facial skin products, I whined about putting on my morning creams, […]

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