We always hear that this person is a cat person, or that person is a dog person.  Pets say more about your personality than you think.

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What’s better than the company of a pet who listens to your troubles and nagging till the end, who doesn’t argue with you when you don’t need to get into any argument, who’s always happy to see you, who gives you positive vibes and is always next to you in sickness and in health.  They love you the way you are and give you all they have. 

Yesss, you got it right, there IS a hidden message here referring to my partner, and I think most of you will agree with me when it comes to you too.

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But did you know that your choice of pet can describe your personality?

People who own a pet are less likely to be edgy and depressed than people who don’t own any. 

Take me for instance, I personally don’t own a pet although I’m thinking of getting a small puppy later (my son takes care of his own birds);

Wow, I just realized I’m a dog person!

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But for now, believe me, I don’t know for how long will my husband and kids bear my temper.

The Dog Person:

My brother owns a Mini Yorkshire Terrier he is married, has kids… and a garden .  His dog is fluffy, charming eyes, and so affectionate and cuddly.  I can’t prevent myself from holding and canoodling him. 

To be clear, I love animals but I always keep my distance.

“A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life” – Bob Barker

You are most likely to be:

More agreeable than the Cat Person

The most fun person to be around than other pet people

Extroverted, enthusiastic, and more reliable

Adventurous and always aiming for excitement in your life

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A dominant person, self- confident, persistent, and influential

I say you have a managerial or senior position at work

You are a family person as your dog is part of your family, I bet you live in a house with a backyard.

You are healthier than others.  You’re wondering what does that mean!  In brief, imagine having a heart attack with your dog around.  His concerned barking will alert people to check on you in no time.  Besides, with your dog around, your blood pressure is lower than when your husband or wife is around; dogs are a stress relief.

In conclusion:  you are the most fun to be with, emotional, and depression doesn’t stand a chance with you.  You are “Over the Moon”.

The Cat Person:

I personally don’t like cats that much; I feel they are hypocrite and cautious, but clever.  They think they are YOUR master.  If you’re dead, your cat wouldn’t give a darn about you until mealtime. 

But if you really have the need to fill the empty gap in your life, cats are a good choice as they take care of themselves when it comes to bath and food.  You just have to provide them with a whole-day meal, water, a basket to sleep in, and a sand basin to poop in (no need to clean the floor behind them).

You are most likely to be:

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“If cats could talk, they wouldn’t” – Nan Porter

Creative; you enjoy the adventure; you may score higher on intelligence than a dog person

Most likely to be an introvert – you must be single: divorced, widowed or separated

Less socially dominant

More prone to be delusional and anxious but more open

A good listener

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Emotionally sensitive and dependable

You enjoy breaking rules

You prefer solitude – that’s why cats are owned by single people more than a family

In ancient times, cats were worshiped as Gods;

they have not forgotten this

You might be a busy person with not much time for yourself – cats don’t have the need to go out several times every day when it’s rainy and cold, or hot and humid.

You like things to be clean; or maybe you don’t like cleaning your pet’s mess, that’s why you chose a cat –  cats are cleaner than dogs

I bet you live in an apartment or a flat. Remember, unlike other pets, cats are allowed in most apartments or flat.

In conclusion:  You don’t give a hoot

The Bird Person:

We own two Cockatiels at home, and to be honest, besides singing and imitating our sounds (which I find so cute), they just poop and mess up the floor with their seeds.  Although parrots tell everyone what you say when you’re alone, but it is still delightful to hear an imitating parrot.

You are most likely to be:

Birds aren’t like dogs or cats.

More like bipolar toddlers on crack.

Very social and easy to communicate with

Good at handling different types of people

Dominating and have a strong personality (if you’re a female)

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You like to travel and explore

You have an independent spirit like birds

To own a bird, why do I feel that you are unemployed ?

In conclusion:  Miss Congeniality doesn’t stand a chance

The Reptile Person:

We’re mainly talking about a turtle or tortoise, any type of lizard, or a snake.  A turtle and tortoise are easy to own; you will always have time to put leafy greens or turtle (tortoise) food and some water.  A lizard … well… ok, it can pass.  But A snake?  Seriously?? I’m not here to judge, but SERIOUSLY? 

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You are most likely to be:

“Try to be like a turtle, at ease in your own shell” – Bill Copeland

Much independent, not too emotional

You can’t be easily cuddled, just like your pet

You cherish your space; you prefer staying away from attention

Your sense of humor… uhh! let’s not talk about that! All I can say is that you prefer analyzing things more than taking things lightly

To choose a reptile, I bet you are eccentric

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Your agitation and daringness sometimes intimidate but yet charm your surroundings

My prince is not coming on a white horse… He’s obviously riding a turtle

If you own a turtle, you are more rational, goal oriented, a hard working person and reliable

In conclusion:  You are a “Specialer”

The Fish Person:

The colorful fish in an aquarium tank is so amusing to look at.  Don’t you just like to sit for a while in front of the aquarium tank, watch the colorful fish swim and enjoy the glowing gravel and stones, and move your eyes with the motion of the live plants?  Haven’t you had this feeling that you want to tap on the window to see if they run away from you?  The way they look at you and freeze is priceless!

You are most likely to be:

Men and fish are alike. They both get in trouble when they open their mouths.

Highly optimistic

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Far from materialism

Mature, calm and a low-maintenance person

Emotionally stable

You have the best sense of humor, happy and aim to enjoy life

In conclusion:  You are a chill pill … but you’re a commophobe (afraid of commitment)

We can also find the hamster person, the horse person, the rabbit person, the tiger or lion person maybe?  But let’s stick to the mentioned types as they cover the majority of pet people.

You choose your pet according to your lifestyle and what you are looking for in life. Your pet will be the reflection of who you are.  So you’d better choose wisely.

If you don’t own any kind of pet, then you must be weird! 

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There are animals that are hilarious, animals that are delightful, animals that don’t need much of your attention, and there are animals with all of these characteristics. If you can’t find any of that meaningful, then you need help!


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