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50 Amazing 100-Year-Old Life Hacks That You Need to Try

50 Amazing 100-Year-Old Life Hacks That You Need to Try

They say: “The older the better”. As I advance in age, I’m more convinced that old life hacks from “Old Generation” are the most efficient. I remember some from my grandmother who taught it to my mother, and here I am writing what my mother taught me (my mother-in-law as well). I added some recent online haicks which I found useful.

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Forget about the chemical products in store although it can solve the problem, but who wouldn’t prefer natural ingredients over acidic solutions, besides lower grocery bills, shinier kitchenware, fresher clothes, and a simpler life. Something to talk about over morning coffee.

1- Avoid cracked eggs:

Pour some white vinegar to your eggs while getting boiled in order to avoid the messy runny yolk out of a cracked egg. This will also ease the peeling process.

2- Baking soda and vinegar for cleaning:

A pinch of baking soda and warm water mixed with vinegar loosens the residues and kills the bacteria in your kitchen and bathroom.

3- Remove sticker residues with oil:

Olive, vegetable or canola oil can removes the stickiness on plastic or material after soaking for 12 to 24 hours, then rub it with a piece of cloth. Just a small drop, you’re not making a salad.

4- Clean a burnt pan with dish soap:

Fill your burnt casserole with a swoosh of dish soap and warm water, and leave it overnight. You will then be able to rub the sticking food with a spatula and all will be shiny again. I wonder what were you doing to forget the pan on the stove!

5- Kill weeds in your sidewalk and driveway cracks:

Dissolve one tablespoon of salt (1/9) with hot water and pour it in the cracks where weeds are growing between cracks. After repeating the process for several times, weeds die. Don’t let the solution reach your lawn, you’ll hate me for that.

6- Use toothpaste to keep your silverware shining:

Polish your silverware with toothpaste as follows: Wet the silver, rub toothpaste with a cloth (something that doesn’t scratch the silver for large items) or a toothbrush (for carved designs) until the toothpaste becomes almost black. Leave it for few minutes, then wash it with water. Your mother-in-law won’t be able to say one single bad word about you when your silver shines straight in her eyes.

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7- Remove stains on clothes with lemon:

Mix lemon with salt and rub it on the your stained clothes. Leave it for about half an hour, then rinse it with vinegar and water. If these stained clothes are your husband’s old t-shirt which you hate and he insists on wearing it, then throw it away immediately.

8- Let your gold and diamonds shine again:

Put your gold and diamond necklace, earrings or other jewelry with washing machine soap in a small pan filled with water and boil it for about 2 minutes tops. Not more than 2 minutes, we’re not melting gold! You should wear your sunglasses afterwards to be able to look at it.

9- Remove gum from hair with peanut butter:

If you have gum stuck in your kid’s hair, put some peanut butter on it. Having oil as an ingredient, the gum will become stiffer and less sticky, so you can remove it easier. You have to wait few minutes before trying. After removing the gum, I’m sure your kid will get punished. I know mine will be!

10- Coconut oil and sugar scrub for your hands and feet:

You can make your own mixture at home and avoid spending money on expensive creams. Mix 1/4 cup of coconut oil with 1/2 cup of sugar and rub it on your hands and feet, then rinse and dry. It will become as soft as a baby’s skin. Who would want to have dry skin on the heels like a cracked deserted land!

11- Use ketchup to polish copper

If you’re out of copper polish, you can rub ketchup to your copper ware to polish before using. It looks like ketchup is not just for burgers and frankfurters!

12- Cut bread into thin slices with a hot knife:

Dive the knife into hot water and quickly wipe it with a cloth. A hot knife will give you hot and thin slices of bread. When I usually cut bread without heating the knife, I pick up the bread crumbs from inside the washing machine under the countertop.

13- Separate two stuck glasses with hot water:

To avoid breaking two glasses stuck together, fill the upper one with cold water, and put the lower one in hot water, it will separate at once. I find this hack useful because I always make the same mistake and put a glass inside the other without thinking.

14- Give your cut flowers a longer life:

They say if you add sugar to the water in your vase, the flowers will live longer. Even flowers love sugar, so no one should blame you for loving it too!

15- Check before consuming if your potato chips are made of plastic:

Try to light a single potato chip with a lighter. If it burns, throw it away immediately, you will be eating plastic and not natural potatoes. If you’re under 18 and reading this, don’t try this unattended!

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16- Test your butter:

To test if your butter is natural and contains no Margarine, you have to take a small piece of it and light it. If you smell the odor of pure butter, then it’s good to go. If you feel a slicky odor, there must be Margarine in it which contains polyunsaturated fat… bad, very bad for the health.

17- Pick up broken glass with a soft damp cloth:

Best way to pick up broken glass without injuring yourself is with an old piece of cloth to throw it away with the glass. The cloth can also remove the small pieces. Watch out for your fingers!

18- Pull the tail of the lobster to check if it’s fresh:

If, by pulling the tail of the lobster and releasing it quickly, it gets back to its place, then it’s fresh. If it goes back to place slowly, then forget about it, unless you’re trying to replace laxatives with lobster!

19- Keep weevils away from your storage:

To keep your storage bugless, especially your rice, use Bay leaves or cloves. You can always store your rice in the refrigerator.

20- How to remove weevils from your rice:

If your rice containers have micro black weevils, you can spread the rice on a piece of cloth or a large tray and leave it under the sun for almost a day. The weevils will fly away and your rice is good to be cooked (seems weevils prefer staying away from sun tanning, unlike us).

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21- Protect your valuable vases from being knocked over:

Fill your valuable large vase with sand to avoid the chance of being knocked out and broken. This can be applied to transparent vases but with designed sand patterns. If the vase is a wedding present that wasn’t mentioned in your wedding list, then you can leave it empty, maybe you’ll be lucky to have it knocked down by mistake!

22- Remove ink from cotton, silk or linen cloth:

This can be done by plunging the cloth immediately into milk and left for some time till the ink is removed. How clumsy is your partner?

23- Detect dampness in a strange bed:

You place a hand mirror between the sheets and leave it for few minutes. If the mirror is now blurry, don’t use the bed as the sheets are not clean. Just don’t go cheap when choosing a hotel!

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24- Clean the inside of a bottle with sand:

To clean the inside of a bottle, fill it with water and add sand to it and shake. When the stains inside disappear, you can then wash it with soap and rinse. Rinse well, no one would like to taste sand!

25- Prevent eyeglasses from steaming with soap:

Rub with thick soap and polish well afterwards. A very thin layer of soap remains on the eyeglasses to prevent them from steaming. And now with masks always on the face with eyeglasses, it’s horrible when they steam!

26- Detect gas leakage from pipe with soap:

Using a lighter is always useful to detect escaping gas from pipes, but it can be dangerous. Soap is trouble free and reliable. Paint strong soap solution on the whole pipe and wait. If you detect bubbles, you have found your gas leakage. Call our for your husband to take care of the matter, it’s not a woman’s job!

27- Preserve eggs in salt for a long time:

To keep your eggs preserved for a long time, all you need is to put it in a container full of salt. No air must be allowed to touch the shells. This can be good for total lockdown period.

28- A clean oven with vinegar and baking soda:

Throw some baking soda in your oven and stray vinegar over it to cover the stains in your oven. The reaction between the two solutions generates foam. Wipe out the mixture with a cloth. Enjoy your shiny oven.

29- Remove oil stains from carpet with baking soda:

Sprinkle baking soda on the oil stain and leave for about five hours, then vacuum the powder. The oil is sucked out and your carpet is brand new.

30- Use your toothbrush to clean your keyboard:

Wet the toothbrush with vinegar and press it in a towel. Pass it on between the keys gently to clean the keyboard. Do it as if you’re brushing your teeth. My keyboard at work is always dusty, I find this hack useful.

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31- Baking soda and vegetable oil to clean cabinet doors:

Mix 2/3 baking soda with 1/3 vegetable oil. spread the paste on the cabinets especially those above the stovetop with a toothbrush to remove the goo. I fry potatoes at least once a week, this mixture cleaned around 80% of the grease on my cabinets.

32- Get rid of your showerhead stains with vinegar

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it around the showerhead with a rubber band or tape. Leave it for few hours, then remove the plastic bag and turn on the water to clean the vinegar. No more stains and water is running in all holes. What’s worse than taking a shower with a sharp water flow?

33- Use Coca Cola to remove oil stains from concrete:

Pour Coca Cola over the oil stains on your concrete (most probably from car motor oil) and leave it for 12 hours. Acid eats away the stain. If you like Coca Cola so much, forget about the concrete and take a sip.

34- Avoid salt from clumping in shaker:

Add few grains of uncooked rice in the salt shaker to keep the salt dry. Rice works as an absorbent to the moisture. I don’t ever remember seeing at home a salt shaker without rice.

35- Toothpaste and an old brush to clean old sneakers:

For tough stains on the midsole of your sneakers, rub some toothpaste with an old brush. Why run buying new ones? Your dirty shoes will be brand new.

36- Pick up broken glass with a piece of bread:

Small pieces of broken glass can be picked up from the floor by pressing a piece of bread on it. Who said bread is only for eating!

37- Use an empty toilet roll to remove hair from toilet floor:

When toilet paper is finished, don’t throw the roll. Rub the toilet floor with the empty roll to remove falling out hair. Everything has a purpose, so look at the bright side, don’t be mad when your kids leave the empty roll on the floor for you to throw!

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38- Remove lipstick stain from clothes with hairspray

Spritz hairspray on the lipstick stain and leave it for about 15 minutes. Then use a warm cloth to rub the hairspray and the lipstick with it. Not my business to ask you from how did lipstick get on your shirt!

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39- Soften butter without melting it:

Pour hot water in a glass cup to heat it. Then empty the cup and flip it over the butter. Leave it for few minutes, the butter will soften. Soft butter and jam on hot bread, yummy! Perfect for sudden cravings.

40- Keep your pizza crunchy when you heat it again:

If you want to heat your pizza in the microwave, put a glass half filled with water next to it and heat it together. It will keep your crust from getting chewy. Yummy, now I want pizza!

41- Baby powder helps you knot out your jewelry chain:

Sprinkle the chain with baby powder and use a pin to unknot it. Who said powder is just for baby’s tush!

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42- Remove a splinter with baking soda:

Apply baking soda mixed with water on the splinter and wait several minutes till it pops out of your skin. Ouch?

43- Clean your microwave with steam:

Fill a large bowl of water and heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes. The stains inside your microwave will now be easily removed. Don’t get near my microwave after heating pizza with red sauce!!

44- Keep your cookies soft in a container:

https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/9870/easy-sugar-cookies/Store your cookies in a container with a piece of bread to keep it soft. Perfect with a glass of milk… and cornflakes… and a fruit salad… and cheese… and brownies… and jam… ok, I’m obviously hungry!

45- Avoid losing your shirt buttons:

Apply transparent nail polish on your button to keep it in place and avoid losing it in public. I’m sure we will all try this on our partner’s shirt right away!

46- Stay away from tears when cutting an onion:

To spare yourself from tears falling on your face when cutting an onion, chew a gum. Worst part of cooking is cutting onions.

47- Open a super tight jar lid with a knife:

To open a jar (like mayonnaise), squeeze the top of a knife between the lid and the jar and clock force it, you will notice that the lid has loosened up. You can now open it easily. It works best for me; I don’t depend on strong muscles opening it for me.

48- Keep your bananas fresh:

Wrap the top end of the bananas (where they meet) with plastic wrap to keep it fresh for a longer time. It worked with me.

49- Remove candle wax from furniture with ice:

Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and place it over the wax for few minutes. The wax will cool and harden enabling you to remove it easily without ruining the furniture. Keep candles away from clumsy people!

50- Remove crayon marks from the wall:

Heat the crayon marks on the wall with a hairdryer, then wipe it with a soft cloth. Did Picasso draw on your wall?

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