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Whether you’re living in a house, townhouse or apartment, your relationship with your neighbor is similar to a serious commitment. You have to put up with each others’ flaws, so not that easy to get out of it. You can either be lucky enough to have good neighbors who take care of you whenever you’re in need and watch over you, or be so unlucky that you wish you lived in a far far away land with no one around.

Things your neighbors do that might drive you crazy:

  • Smoke from the grill – I know we can’t control the wind, but at least place the grill in a location far from your neighbor’s bedroom!
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  • Barking dog – Pets are adorable; pets are man’s best friend; dogs naturally bark. But when they do, we can’t leave them barking waiting for them to give up!
  • Talk loudly in your garden/balcony – We all like our privacy. Talking loudly allows others to invade yours.
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  • Fill trash cans – Trash cans are for the whole neighborhood, not just for one house. Please leave some space in the garbage for your neighbors. And if your trash cans are full, you should know well that the smell will fill the air… so fresh!
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  • Loud parties/repairs– Live and party as much as you want, it’s good for the health. But partying frequently with loud music … I mean, your neighbor will handle the noise if you have a party every once in a while. But frequently? Forget it! You will release the beast if they do this to you! On the other hand, use your tools during the day, not in the early morning or late at night!
  • Kids shouting in the yard – Kids are a blessing. And I’m sure you bought a house with a yard especially for the play space. But your respect for your neighbor’s peace in the early morning or late at night is golden, after 8.00 AM or maybe between 1 and 3 PM when people take afternoon naps?
  • Your pet in others’ yards – It would be nice if you keep your belongings out of others’ properties.

“A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it” – Arthur Baer

  • Mow your lawn in the wrong time – I’d like to have my morning coffee with a nice view of my neighborhood’s lawn. But mowing the lawn early in the morning because you don’t have time to do it later, or late at night because you had a fight with your wife and you want to irritate her in some way? You are bugging your neighbors buddy.
  • Share others’ wifi – You newly moved to the neighborhood, or your wifi connection needs fixing and is off for a few days; don’t ask for your neighbor’s wifi unless they offer it themselves.
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  • Tap shoes is not an option – If you’re living in an apartment upstairs from others, I can give you a good idea for preventing annoyance to your neighbor caused by your heels; Take off your shoes when you enter your house. It can also save you from extra cleaning 🙂
  • Respect others’ parking spot – There’s a reason why parking is assigned for every apartment or in front of each house.

“A bad neighbor will give you a needle with no thread”

  • Show your weird artistic side – We all appreciate art. I do! There are ways to show how artistic you are, but that doesn’t include painting your house pink or putting weird statues on your front yard. People have nightmares because of these pink flamingos or the scary gnomes.
Glad these are not my neighbors

  • Nosy – Every package arriving to my door, every parked car near my house, anyone coming anytime of the day to visit … all this is none of anyone’s business but mine.
  • Garage sale – I find it interesting, but that doesn’t mean that my neighbor can launch one every two weeks.
  • Ignore thy presence – “Hello, Good morning, Hey there” are all happy words everyone would like to start their day with.
  • Gossip – Neighbors are like roommates, but in separate houses. If people share some of their secrets with their neighbor, I don’t think this gives them the right to spread the word in the neighborhood making it the town gossip.
  • No interaction– It’s nice to invite your neighbor from time to time, get to know them better. In the end, they are the closest creatures to you if you’re in urgent need of anyone and vice versa.
  • Public toilet – Even if it’s their own house, why the heck would anyone want to pee in the yard… in public?!
  • Steal your belongings – Decoration, packages, planted green and fruits. All those are there for a purpose.

In order to avoid being an annoying neighbor, you can always put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes and see if your behavior bothers them.

How far does it take to be a good neighbor?


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