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Your height is an unchangeable fact that you were born with and bound to forever.  You can always look younger by undergoing few plastic surgeries for your skin, or changing the color of your hair and whitening your teeth.  But your height? I doubt that scientists and technology have so far come up with an invention like some kind of a pill or surgery to stretch your legs.

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Despite the several disadvantages of being petite, there are many advantages for that.  It’s true you can’t reach high shelves, and you can’t wear the new pants you just bought without asking for your tailor’s help for hemming.  Regardless of these and several more, there are benefits for being a short girl. 

They say the bigger the better, but they also say that the best things come in small packages.  Short height may affect some girls (and women) negatively, but others realize how positive it can influence their lives.

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It’s true that all models are no less than 5’5”, but there are always chances that some designers request shorter models for some of their wild ideas.  The most important thing is for you not to accept posing next to a tall model.  My advice? Don’t let them convince you by telling you that you will look cute. 

“God only lets things grow until they’re perfect. Some of us didn’t take as long as others”

Here are some of the reasons that you should embrace yourself for being short:

  • You will always look younger
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No matter how old you get, no one will know your real age. 

“I’m not short! My height is just cute”

At the age of 24, I’m sure you will not appreciate someone telling you that you look like a seventeen-year-old girl.  But believe me, at the age of 40 and beyond, you will love it!

  • You always have room for your legs
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When I’m in a plane or a bus, I thank God I’m short, watching tall people next to me trying to take a nap and worrying about stretching their legs; they just don’t fit in the seat; it’s torture for them. Same thing goes for the back seat of a car; you can adapt behind a tall driver with his seat literally laid on the back seat.

  • You can wear any high heels

Being short, any length of heels suits you.  Tall girls can’t wear high heels unless they are dating Mr. Giant.  Looking like a giraffe next to your date is not so influential. 

  • Your date will always be taller than you
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Even short guys will be taller than you.  You know, guys in general prefer short ladies because they are more snuggly than tall ones, being more flexible and active.  In addition, they won’t get intimidated by your height, they feel powerful and dominating.

“Every tall guy has a short girl that drives him crazy”

  • You don’t have a problem in the shower

The taller you are, the less you are manageable under the shower.  If you’re short, you never have to bend over if the shower is short, especially in hotels.

  • You live longer
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Studies say that shorter women tend to live longer than tall ones for several reasons.  That’s what they say!  Maybe it’s because the taller you are, the closer you are to the atmosphere, thus the lesser air 🙂

  • You spend less time in leg shaving
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You never have to worry about finding time to shave your legs.  Simple calculation: less leg space means less shaving means less time. 

  • No one will notice what’s inside your nose
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The shorter you are among other people, the less they can notice your potato egg or maybe the gross nose hair (if any).

  • Your feet are always under the blanket
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You never worry about having cold uncovered feet.  Besides, the bed always fits you, and you have no problem falling asleep on the couch in your living room.

  • Your clothes are never too short

You never worry about having short skirts.  Being short, I sometimes buy a long shirt and wear it as a dress and no one notices that.  Plus, you can always find your size (XS or S).  Don’t tell me that’s not an advantage!

  • You get in the front row faster
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Imagine yourself in a concert or a packed social event and you’re trying to reach the front row.  Be sure you will easily slip through the crowd; being short, you can draw your way easily to the front.

  • People want to help you
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Being short is being cute.  People won’t let you carry heavy loads.  You might find it offensive that people don’t find you strong if you are short. If it comes to me, it’s fine if they think of me that way as long as I don’t carry anything and let people pamper me. I like pampering… who doesn’t!

  • You win hide-and-seek games

If you’re short, you know what I’m talking about. No need to elaborate; the shorter you are, the more you fit in tight places where no brain can ever think of. We just fit everywhere.

  • You are always in the picture
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Being short, you are always placed in the front in a group picture.  In all my school pictures in the yearbook, I have a prime spot, unlike taller girls who stood in the back. It might be a disadvantage because you should watch out for your whole outfit (shoes, socks, average height skirt,…) unlike those standing in the back showing only their faces.

  • You never worry about minding your head
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You never have the problem of “mind your head” signs whenever you are walking on the streets or among trees.


  1. We give them the powerful feeling of being Shaquille O’Neal (man domination)
  2. We can be helpful in getting items placed in low areas
  3. We are flexible in bed
  4. Whatever we do, we look cutie patootie
  5. We are easier to cuddle and snorgle
  6. We can easily be carried
  7. We give more space to our guy in bed
  8. We are so huggable
  9. Guys can hide our presents on high shelves without worrying about us finding it (can’t easily reach)

I’m not saying that being tall does not have its advantages. On the contrary, I always wished I was tall … until I turned 40. I knew then the benefits of being short.

For short men out there, there will always be tall women who appreciate you no matter how short you are.

I love being short, what about you?

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