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Don’t mix business with pleasure!

What’s better than having your crush around all the time?

Work is where we spend most of our time, and the place that we enjoy the least. Having a hot guy (or woman) in the office makes it more interesting. Work is more exciting when the hunky passes by. Fancy your eyes with the beauty, but stop right there. Keep your desires and heart matters out of the plate from where you eat.

It’s always nice to be around the one your heart beats for, but first, consider the following before stepping into this relationship with your co-worker:

1- You can’t disappear after an argument:

What if you broke up! There comes the problem.

2- You will be the talk of the office:

The work place is where gossiping starts. What if your co-workers are tittle-tattling about you two!

3- You might get fired:

If it’s against the company policy, you’ll be jeopardizing your job.

4- You will get distracted:

Who can focus on work when you can flirt with your crush anytime of the day.

5- Bye-bye private life:

You will be an open book for your crush. What about your private life? You can’t keep anything to yourself.

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6- Jealousy:

What if you want to have a laugh with your comrades at work, guys or girls. Your crush might misinterpret your actions and go green for envy.

7- All eyes on you two:

When a romance is cooking at work, all eyes are locked on the couple, questioning their absence and wondering what they might be doing when they disappear for a while. What if they both arrive to work late!

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8- You won’t have anything to talk about other than work:

You’re spending the whole day together in the company, having the same work events and sharing the problems. You don’t have much to say other than your job issues.

9- What if you break up:

It will be complicated and uncomfortable seeing your ex flirting with others. No work can be achieved when you’re stressed out and irritated.

10- No more getaway lunch breaks:

Lunch time is having a break from work and get out of the routine. Some couples find it offensive to have a bite with other co-workers or even eating alone. You will end up having a messy lunch.

11- Say goodbye to couple vacation:

If you work in the same department, you can’t both take a vacation at the same time. So, bye bye vacation!

12- Disagreement at work can lead to an argument:

It’s normal to have a contradiction of decisions at work. But if you’re a couple, it’s easier to get into an argument.

13- Lack of professionalism:

Can you act professional with the person you’ve seen naked? Or just melt down when they are around?

14- Your sex life will be “the talk”:

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Let’s face it! Guys meet over beer at happy hour and girls meet in the ladies’ room to gossip about their sex life.

15- What if he gets promoted before you:

If you’re working in the same office, they are your competitor, despite your intimate feelings for each other. As strong as your relationship may be, love peace and chicken grease.

16- You risk loosing your job:

Emotions are sometimes stronger than our conscience, especially when your crush gets on your nerves. Your high pitched voice says it all.

17- You will see each other every day:

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Ok, it’s a dream having your affection right in front of you anytime you miss them. But every single day, every single hour? Nah, I doubt!

18- Co-workers might have a negative behavior:

Once your fellow workers know about you two, their attitude might change. It can be out of jealousy, or they believe you’re making your way to a promotion.

If you date your co-worker, your daily life will definitely be more adventurous. And by adventurous, I mean crazy and different, that is if you are the type. But is it worth it? The disadvantages are more than the benefits as I see from the 18 above reasons.

So think twice before stepping into this puzzle. In the end, you have to choose one of both, so, will it be your career or your feelings?

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