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Nail Biting is More than Just a Bad Habit

Nail Biting is More than Just a Bad Habit

Nails Define the Woman

Nail Biting is an involuntary act most of us do while watching a thriller or horror movie, or during stress or anxiety.  The habit is certainly a common struggle.

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We don’t start biting our nails all of a sudden.  It usually starts from childhood and grows with us. We know we look bad, but that doesn’t seem to stop us.

Why Bite Your Nails?

While some people bite their nails or their cuticles in the aspect of anxiety, stress, boredom, and hunger, or while thinking, the motivation is much less well-defined. It could also be genetic.

Are There Any Benefits to That Kick?

While biting your nails/cuticles is kind of gross and shameful, it actually has benefits. Believe it or not!

  • It boosts your immune system

Our hands are filthy, so as a result of putting our finger in our mouth, we will be exposing our body to new germs, some might be immune boosting.  We start building up antibodies and thus our immune system gets stronger.

  • Stress relief
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Let’s face it, people who bite their nails have a good reason; they get satisfaction, it just feels good, thus relieving some stress out of their system. Isn’t it better than smoking?

But Here’s Why You Should Break the Habit

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Nail biting is a bad habit, I guess we all agree to that, as it causes severe damage to the nail and tissue around it. 

These are the reasons to quit biting:

  1. Infections of the nail and skin
  2. Illness from Infections caused from bacteria going into your mouth
  3. Inflammation of the nail
  4. Nail deformities
  5. Dental problems
  6. Mouth injuries
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If you hang around the barbershop, you’re bound to get a haircut

How to Stop!

I’ve been struggling with this bad habit since adulthood.  I tried the following hacks to stop, and to tell you the truth, some really worked for me.

  1. Get a regular manicure
it feels good

Who would want to ruin fresh and nicely done nails! Manicures can give you the feeling of cleanliness with the removal of cuticles, with soft skin and nice shape. Some nail art would be appealing.  People who pay for manicure bite their nails less. 

  • Put on Acrylic nails
Acrylic Nails Selection

Acrylic nails can do the trick, they are too solid and thick to bite.  After a while, they may help you break the habit.

  • Keep your mouth and hand busy
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When people with nail-biting habits are anxious, they unconsciously tend to reach for their mouth with their fingers to express their anxiety.  Try to take a pen or a coin in your hand and twist it to keep your hand busy.  A chewing gum would also be a great idea.

  • Coat them with a bitter tasting manicure
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Applying a nail polish that has a foul taste can prevent you from biting your nails, by simply leaving a gross taste in your mouth. This bitter taste can make you aware of your nail-biting. Keep applying until you see some progress in your nails.

  • Disgust yourself
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Just think about the germs you’ll be having in your mouth and stomach from underneath your nails and you’ll never want to bite them, ever!

  • Identify the reason
Get back on the horse

Before you attempt to control your biting habit, it’s helpful to think of the reason behind biting your nails in the first place. The key to refraining is to figure out your trigger to take action against it.

I know everything I stated in my article is already familiar to you.

Do you have this habit like me?

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