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You Believe Women Gossip More Than Men? Well You’re Wrong!

You Believe Women Gossip More Than Men? Well You’re Wrong!

We were always warned that “Curiosity Kills the Cat”.

Whenever you hear the word “gossip”, you automatically imagine a couple of women on a table or couch mumbling.  Is there any back up for this assumption? NO!

Well let me tell you something you might not know; There are things you don’t get from book learning. From my experience, men gossip too, and they do it sometimes more than women.  Gossiping is not linked to any gender, it just happens unwillingly that sometimes it might become a bad habit which you can’t get rid of easily.

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Men always ask each other the same question: what do women gossip about? Why does their lunch last more than two hours with nonstop mumbling?  They found this question to be an unsolved mystery.

Why Do Women Gossip?

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It’s common knowledge that women love to haver.  Women gossip for several reasons.  One of them is social bonding.  Most women feel the need to be part of the “club”, and the best way to do so is by getting juicy news to the board to entertain the others. 

Another reason is the feeling of power just by being the first to obtain fresh news which others didn’t hear about yet. All ears will be focused on her, and that’s an indescribable feeling of importance.  I have the E! news, hear me out!

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What Do Women Gossip About?

My husband always asks me this question every time I come home from my three-hour lunch.  He constantly wonders what do we talk about for three whole hours.  And I never succeed to reply to his question; frankly, I don’t know what we talk about!  But I surely know that all variable subjects related to women and family are covered.  I’m sure all women who are reading my article agree with me.  Time just flies when we meet. 

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What do we talk about?  Well, as much as I remember, our conversations cover:

On top of the list, diet.  You guessed it!  That’s because the minute we lay eyes on each other, we notice one’s weight loss or the additional pounds.   And so the gossip starts about our healthy nutrition or our food craving, the size of our dress, maybe share few healthy or fattifying recipes.  And there, merges the news about our depressed friend who gained weight (gossip).

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With diet comes exercise.  If we’re enrolled in workout classes, we usually talk about the difficulty of keeping up with the class till the last minute. We definitely mention our coach and how friendly are the class mates. If we love sports, we talk about our outdoor activities or gym. 

Then, we talk about beauty issues, mentioning the plastic surgeon each of us visit for cosmetic adjustments, and get advice about new products.  Again, we can’t refrain from mentioning someone we know who had a bad experience with cosmetic surgery.

After total scanning, we talk about our children; school, college, friends, psychological issues … we cover all relative issues and take each other’s wisdom bombs.

And here comes the longest part of our conversation when time zips along. You know what i’m talking about; MEN.  The moment we start talking about our partners, complaining about their attitudes, friends, relatives, work, sometimes family feuds, we even talk about our sex life (maybe not that openly but can’t let the meeting pass without mentioning it), and I believe that sometimes this is the most useful talk we can do as we learn from each other’s knowledge in that field.

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Fashion comes at a later stage when we notice someone’s cute skirt or funky shoes.  Along we mention the best shopping places with best prices and what to shop for. 

From there, we always believe that we need a vacation to break the routine, being single, married or in a relationship.  Each of us talk about their holiday experience giving useful tips.  Women usually brag about their holidays, and so the conversation slips away from one woman to the other that you feel you’re visiting ten countries in few minutes.

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In all conversations, whenever there’s the need to merge other people’s problems or relationships, it just pops up unwillingly.

Women’s gossip audience is usually same sex-friends or family members.

Why Do Men Gossip?

If you ask any man if he gossips, he’ll laugh and tell you: “do you see any woman genes in me?”  But we definitely know the truth.  Men Gossip, full stop.

One reason for their gossip is their need to talk about their stories and sometimes boast about it.

They also need feedback to check if their behavior is good.

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But for them, what they talk about is not gossiping.  Well, I’ll give you an example:

If a man went out with a woman on a date and the next morning his friend asked him how did his night go, they don’t consider this gossiping as the man is talking about his life.  But what they don’t realize is that he’s also talking about the private life of the lady he was with, thus flashing her diary news in front of his friends.  Even if the news is not malicious, it’s still considered gossiping.

So when a man is talking to his friend at work or walking with his earphones in his ears, that doesn’t mean he’s busy talking about work issues.  He may very well be gossiping.

The difference between men and women is that women find it difficult to keep a secret from their partner even if they promised not to broadcast it, while men don’t talk much when they return home, thus no time for spreading secrets.

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What Do Men Gossip About?

Men tend to discuss important topics like politics or arts when women are around, showing wise, knowledgeable and sexy attitude to impress them.

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When they gossip, they talk about themselves more than women do.

On top of the list, men talk about the sexy girl at work, salaries, promotions, gossip about their manager; Usually their friends are their co-workers.  They might even gossip about the soap they use in the shags of the office.

The second important and infinite subject they talk about is politics.  They never have enough of that, there’s always something to discuss.

Then comes “about last night” gossip.  They talk about their date, the place they went to, and if “he got his end”. 

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If they’re married, they will brag about their wives‘ attitude.  They tend to add some salt to the conversation to look like victims or victimizers (being powerful).  My husband is always the victim!

What follows is the subject of children.  I find it weird when they stunt about it. One says : my son has the highest grades in class, the other follows: my son is the first in school (and they say women flaunt about their kids)!  Men rarely mention the problems of their children unless they’re fishing for an indirect advice from a close friend. 

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Hangouts with friends are another interesting subject for men.

Cars and cigars are one conversation they don’t skip, and the degree of bragging about it differs from one group to another.

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I admit they do talk about food sometimes, but the fattening kind their stomach craves for.

Men’s gossip audience is usually his co-workers.

As you notice, women do gossip, however, men gossip just as much as them, but differently.  Women tend to be more imaginative and illustrative than men, and contribute in more aspects and feedback than men.  Don’t you agree?

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Before concluding, I have to mention something which really stun me when men talk with each other over the phone; for ten to fifteen seconds, they just stop talking … deadly silence. So weird!

So back to men vs. women gossip, next time you hear the word “gossip”, don’t just relate it to women, men might be gossiping about YOU now.

To be honest, gossiping is bad, but it runs in every human being’s blood.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

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