What If Your Parents Don’t like Your Partner?

You met the man/woman of your dreams and you felt they’re the one.  You take your relationship to the next level and decide to introduce them to your parents.  For some of us, introducing your guy/girl to your parents IS a big deal.  You seek their consent if you’re close to the family or hold respect for them.  In that […]

15 Secret Fears Guys Have Before Marriage

I’ll never have time for myself after marriage Will I still be able to have boys’ night out or poker and beer night?  I still need my space.  You can always have those night outs with your friends as long as you both agree on that, but please eliminate the idea of having ladies with you, the idea might annoy […]

Offensive Things Done at Weddings

You arrive too early or too late to the wedding Arriving too early at a wedding distracts the final touch of the vendors leaving the couple stressed.  On the other hand, arriving late and walking in with the bride is not cool.  You must arrive 10 minutes before the specified time. You don’t show up to the wedding without prior […]

6 Common Cuddling Positions – Are You Still Connected?

1. The Spoon How it’s done:  You both lie close to each other on the same side and wrap your arms around your partner. What it says:  Spooning is the perfect cuddling position if you’re comfortable with intimacy and looking for protection and safety.  You’re tremendously close to each other and super nestled, your bodies are combined together as one.  […]

Things you Should Never Do in a Relationship

You wish to have a perfect relationship – Do you really believe there’s a perfect relationship? I don’t! You do everything with your partner – it’s good to feel independent sometimes. Remember, you still have your social life. It boosts your self-confidence. You involve your partner in all your dreams – But wait! Don’t forget, you still have dreams of […]

You Believe Women Gossip More Than Men? Well You’re Wrong!

We were always warned that “Curiosity Kills the Cat”. Whenever you hear the word “gossip”, you automatically imagine a couple of women on a table or couch mumbling.  Is there any back up for this assumption? NO! Well let me tell you something you might not know; There are things you don’t get from book learning. From my experience, men […]


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