Christmas “Hide and Go Seek” Hunt Riddles

To add some excitement to your Christmas eve and get out of the traditional procedure of “give me my gift I’ll give you yours”, try the “Hide and Seek” gift game before your Christmas dinner, also called as “Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues” (I still don’t understand how did they come up with that name). Each Christmas, gift sharing time takes […]

Boy or Girl? What Do Old Wives’ Tales Reveal?

Are you pregnant? Aren’t you curious to know if it’s a boy or a girl? Grandma wants to know whether to get the blue or the pink cover. Daddy has his eye on the Yankees overall, and aunty is longing to get her first cute dress for her niece. You are all acting snoopy for what you’re expecting. In your […]

Ridiculously Dumb Things Couples Fight Over

We have all been through that feeling when your blood boils and your face turns to red, your stomach is in knots and bad thoughts circulate your mind. Sometimes I even feel my hair electrified because of rage and anger. It’s ok to feel this way; all couples fight from time to time, it’s a normal process in a relationship. […]

Weirdest Superstitions from Around the World

Superstition? What is superstition? who believes in this crazy myth? Believe it or not, we all do. Even if we are not aware of it or deny it, and even if it might be against our beliefs, we still find ourselves knocking on wood to prevent bad things from happening or crossing our fingers for luck. Who doesn’t think of […]


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