Your Sex Drive Based on your Zodiac Sign

Some of us wait for their daily horoscope to start their day, others agree that same signs have same characters (that’s me). It has never been perfect science. If you want my opinion, I don’t believe that Zodiac signs reveal what the future hides for us; no one can predict what will happen tomorrow. But I’m quite sure, following my […]

Annoying Things Parents Say to their Children

“Clean your room, wash your plate, don’t stay up late”… are statements you hear at home almost everyday and drive you insane. Regardless of age, whether your parents are young and cool or traditional, we always have issues with them. It’s normal to have different points of view with the people who brought us to life, whether we live under […]

What a Woman’s Shoes Say About Her

You are what comes from your mouth, but the shoes speak louder than words. The choice of footwear says a lot about you, way more than you think! Your shoes reveal the first impression of your personality from the style you choose, the color you pick, and the trends you follow. You don’t believe me? Check out these indications and […]

What Do These 15 Types of Kisses Actually Mean

Kissing, who doesn’t like kissing? Who doesn’t enjoy being kissed? A kiss can be an act of sensuality, a sign of lust and desire, a friendly gesture, a family tradition, and many more. Knowing the meaning of a kiss on different places of the body gives you an idea about the intentions of the person who’s kissing you, whether it […]

What to Cook for Christmas!

Traditional Meals from Around the World Christmas is an international holiday celebrated around the world, no argument about that. But Christmas dinners look differently in various countries following their traditional Christmas dishes presented at the Christmas table or else, the holidays wouldn’t be complete. Food is an important part of the season wherever you are celebrating. Women start preparing food […]


Whenever there’s a special event, unfortunately something “has” to go wrong, whether it’s easily repaired, or takes energy and time to fix. Each Christmas, something unusual happens; either the oven doesn’t heat up, or a platter is dropped on the floor by accident, or some of the family members feel hungry before dinner is ready and the nagging begins… and […]


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