48 Things Men do that Women Just Don’t Get

There are things that men do and don’t expect women to understand, either because women don’t suppose that what men do has a certain meaning or because men never revealed the true message behind it (if there was any). This leads us to believe that both are different alien races that have different communication techniques. The following is generalized. We […]


Are you always feeling hungry? From the moment you wake up till the time you fall asleep? You even crave for food in the middle of the night and can’t resist checking out on your fridge? And the more important is that the craving is always for junk food, sweets, pizza and burgers, never for healthy food. Let’s not blame […]

Do We Really Need to Stop Cursing?

Cursing can be fun (if you’re cursing your manager), but it’s not always appropriate… I bet you know that! We all do! Whether you’re working on your desk, singing in the shower for Eminem, helping the kids with their studies, or maybe being grounded by your parents and not allowed to go to this cool party, you can’t hold yourself […]

Why Are We Always Tired?

Have you ever wondered why you’re always waking up tired, drained to work, weak to walk, struggling to exercise, and knackered to go out, although you are going to bed early?  I’m sure you did; we all did. Every time I mention in front of my friends that I’m always zapped, they either say it’s because of the change of […]


No doubt first dates can be frustrating and pressful (a lot of pressure and stressful).  We can’t eliminate the first date process from our dating life.  Who hasn’t been through a bad date at least once?  Some dates end up as a nightmare leaving you with a “date-o-phobia”.    But if you know how to handle it, it can pass […]


Your height is an unchangeable fact that you were born with and bound to forever.  You can always look younger by undergoing few plastic surgeries for your skin, or changing the color of your hair and whitening your teeth.  But your height? I doubt that scientists and technology have so far come up with an invention like some kind of […]


The younger woman/older man relationship has been the tradition ever since I opened my eyes to life.  But nowadays, with the flip of the mind, all kinds of relationships are becoming normal… “The Trend”.  By younger men, I mean in their twenties and early thirties. Let’s face it.  A woman in her 30s, 40s or 50s (divorced or single) dating […]


You disregard the weather – Whether it’s rainy, cold, or even hot, you wouldn’t want to risk getting wet and sticky. You arrive late – Sometimes we miscalculate time.   We wouldn’t want to make the guests wait too long and change the whole wedding plan. You arrive too early – You’ll be disrupting the wedding planner’s last minute work. You […]

15 Secret Fears Guys Have Before Marriage

I’ll never have time for myself after marriage Will I still be able to have boys’ night out or poker and beer night?  I still need my space.  You can always have those night outs with your friends as long as you both agree on that, but please eliminate the idea of having ladies with you, the idea might annoy […]

You Believe Women Gossip More Than Men? Well You’re Wrong!

We were always warned that “Curiosity Kills the Cat”. Whenever you hear the word “gossip”, you automatically imagine a couple of women on a table or couch mumbling.  Is there any back up for this assumption? NO! Well let me tell you something you might not know; There are things you don’t get from book learning. From my experience, men […]

Here’s How to Define a Man from His Drink

Were you ever in a bar enjoying your drink when you spot a man across the place interestingly attractive, and suddenly imagined yourself laying in bed with him or standing next to him in a white dress at the altar?  Wait!     Stop right there! Rewind! Wake up woman!  You need to have at least a slight idea about his character […]

5 Signs That You’ve fallen for a Bipolar

While some say it’s not a severe case, living with a bipolar person tends to profoundly impact your life.  It’s a manic depression marked by sudden shifts in mood.   If you’re in a relationship with a bipolar, it will be more likely that he won’t be able to maintain his relationship with you in some cases, as he might have […]

Nail Biting is More than Just a Bad Habit

Nail Biting is an involuntary act most of us do while watching a thriller or horror movie, or during stress or anxiety.  The habit is certainly a common struggle. We don’t start biting our nails all of a sudden.  It usually starts from childhood and grows with us. We know we look bad, but that doesn’t seem to stop us. […]


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