How to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive

Long distance relationships are common especially these days with economic crises in different countries of the world, whether you’re leaving for studying or for work. No one can deny that surviving long distance love is hard. Who said “absence makes the heart grow fonder” never lived far from their partner. But the French person who said “out of sight, out […]

What Women Say vs. What They Really Mean

We, women, are complex creatures. We don’t express our feelings clearly in most times. I know men are happy reading this, for the fact that we are admitting being complicated. But men, after all what you read about us, please put some effort and try to act accordingly. Are you aiming to understand the language of your girlfriend or wife? […]


Don’t mix business with pleasure! What’s better than having your crush around all the time? Work is where we spend most of our time, and the place that we enjoy the least. Having a hot guy (or woman) in the office makes it more interesting. Work is more exciting when the hunky passes by. Fancy your eyes with the beauty, […]

When is Jealousy “Healthy?”

Are you feeling unimportant to your partner? Do you see yourself insignificant and jealous? They say jealousy is a disease. But I say jealousy is a natural part of human life. We all feel jealous at some point in our relationship, it’s very common. What’s not usual is either feeling too jealous or having not a bit of it. I’m […]

22 Signs He’s Not Ready for Marriage

Marriage is every woman’s dream, and who tells you otherwise is most probably hiding the truth. At some point, we all dream of marrying the man of our dreams or the right man for a family, and raise a family of ours. But not all men want to get married (besides a small ratio of women). Some men are either […]

How to Get Over a Breakup

Getting over a breakup? You may think you’ll never make it, but you will. Loosing a partner who’s also your friend and confident after being together for a while is hard to generate. You feel as if it’s the end of your happy days, and you wonder how will your life be without them. Breakups can be heavy to deal […]

Your Sex Drive Based on your Zodiac Sign

Some of us wait for their daily horoscope to start their day, others agree that same signs have same characters (that’s me). It has never been perfect science. If you want my opinion, I don’t believe that Zodiac signs reveal what the future hides for us; no one can predict what will happen tomorrow. But I’m quite sure, following my […]

What Do These 15 Types of Kisses Actually Mean

Kissing, who doesn’t like kissing? Who doesn’t enjoy being kissed? A kiss can be an act of sensuality, a sign of lust and desire, a friendly gesture, a family tradition, and many more. Knowing the meaning of a kiss on different places of the body gives you an idea about the intentions of the person who’s kissing you, whether it […]

Ridiculously Dumb Things Couples Fight Over

We have all been through that feeling when your blood boils and your face turns to red, your stomach is in knots and bad thoughts circulate your mind. Sometimes I even feel my hair electrified because of rage and anger. It’s ok to feel this way; all couples fight from time to time, it’s a normal process in a relationship. […]


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